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October 26, 2020

VIDEO — Brien Lundin: The Case for Gold is Now “Almost Indisputable”

"There's so much evidence and so much aligned in favor of the metal that really the argument's almost indisputable at...
October 23, 2020

Top Stories This Week: Gold Optimism Strong, How Bullish is Too Bullish?

Catch up and get informed with this week’s content highlights from Charlotte McLeod, our editorial director.
May 24, 2020

Coronavirus Round-Up: China Abandons GDP Target

As the new week kicks off, here’s a round-up of the Investing News Network’s top stories last week covering the...
May 21, 2020

VIDEO — Brien Lundin, Chris Marcus: Is it Silver’s Time to Shine?

In a must-watch conversation, Brien Lundin and Chris Marcus discuss why silver is compelling, how to invest and what to...
May 11, 2020

Brien Lundin: New Metals Bull Market Ahead, Gold to Maintain Momentum

Brien Lundin of Gold Newsletter said in a webinar that a new metals bull market is coming fast and hard...
April 1, 2020

3 Gold Takeaways from Experts During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Jay Taylor, Eric Coffin, Gwen Preston and Brien Lundin shared their thoughts on gold, the coronavirus and more in a...
March 6, 2020

Precious Metals Weekly Round-Up: Gold Hits US$1,680 on Rattled Markets

Gold had been on track to mark a record weekly gain, but fell sharply from US$1,685 to US$1,648.11 this morning.