About Us

The Investing News Network® (INN) publishes InvestingNews.com as a destination web site for the investment community. We provide independent, trusted news and education for investors in over 40 targeted categories.

For investors who are comfortable taking the next step, we offer the opportunity to connect with trusted companies providing investment opportunities.

For these trusted companies, we connect them with investors who are educated in the specific opportunities in that niche and who are ready to engage.

Investors can analyze 40 specialized investment segments including gold, silver, graphite, uranium, potash, medical devices, biotech, 3D printing, cloud computing, and social media.

This content is rolled up from the niche sites to provide broader context on overview sites. These sites include: Resource Investing News, Life Science Investing News and Technology Investing News.

Our Vision

  • Educating investors and connecting them with opportunities

Our Values

  • Deliver value. This will ensure we are always viable.
  • Don’t lie. There is always more value in the truth.
  • Have fun. It is important to enjoy the things you do. Life is too short.
  • Ask for help. We can do everything we set out to do when we do it together.


Editorial Mission Statement

Building investor confidence through our abiding commitment to the highest editorial standards in our independent and unbiased coverage of niche investing markets.

Aims & Scope

Investing News Network (INN), an online news network of over 40 highly targeted publications. INN publishes original, high-quality, independent and unbiased articles covering all aspects of the investment markets.

Each article topic is chosen based on the informational and educational value for the investor. If a company is featured in an article, there is no obligation for that company to purchase advertising space on our sites and INN is in no way obligated to dedicate articles on companies that have purchased advertising space on the INN. Our content is freely accessible and advertising enables our editorial independence. In return, we are committed to delivering content made to the highest editorial standards.

We seek to uphold INN’s editorial values in all we do.

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INN is owned by Dig Media Inc., a private company headquartered in Vancouver, BC