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Table of Contents:

  • Gold Outlook 2022: Consolidation a Launching Pad for Price Rise
  • Silver Outlook 2022: Supply/Demand Trends Could Catalyze Price
  • Platinum Outlook 2022: Rising Demand to Offset Supply Surplus
  • Palladium Outlook 2022: Auto Demand to Determine Price Movement
  • Copper Outlook 2022: Prices Likely to Remain High, Modest Surplus Expected
  • Nickel Outlook 2022: Balanced Market Ahead, Prices to Remain Strong
  • Zinc Outlook 2022: Analysts Expect Small Refined Deficit
  • Iron Outlook 2022: Prices to Face Pressure on Bearish Demand Outlook
  • Lead Outlook 2022: Demand to Recover, Prices Likely to Remain High
  • Lithium Outlook 2022: Demand to Outpace Supply, Price Upside to Remain
  • Cobalt Outlook 2022: Rapid EV Growth to Drive Demand, Resilience in Prices
  • Graphite Outlook 2022: Demand from Battery Segment to Remain High
  • Vanadium Outlook 2022: Battery Demand Poised to Grow, Supply Threats Mount
  • Manganese Outlook 2021: Steel Demand to Recover, Oversupply to Persist
  • Uranium Outlook 2022: Prices Have Broken Out, How High Will They Go?
  • Oil and Gas Outlook 2022: Uncertainty and Risk to Drive Prices
  • Diamond Outlook 2022: Market Stronger After COVID Blow, Digital Sales Offer Support
  • Rare Earths Outlook 2022: REE Magnet Prices to Remain High
  • Potash Outlook 2022: Supply Disruptions Push Prices to 13 Year High
  • Phosphate Outlook 2022: Geopolitics to be a Key Market Mover
  • Coal Outlook 2022: Lower Prices Ahead, Investment Slows Down
  • Molybdenum Outlook 2022: Uncertain Demand, Declining Supply to Support Prices
  • Aluminum Outlook 2022: Analysts Bullish on Prices, Deficit Ahead
Resource Outlook 2022

A Sneak Peek At What The Insiders Are Saying

“I think eventually gold wins, because eventually the markets are going to realize that the (US Federal Reserve is) essentially powerless to defeat inflation, or even fight it in any significant way."
— Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter

"Inflation) won’t matter until it does ... silver did not take off in the late 1970s until the very end. Inflation had been running hot for quite some time and silver had modest moves, and then all of a sudden it went straight up."
— David Morgan, publisher of the Morgan Report

“The biggest surprise (of 2021) was the price performance of nickel. We were not expecting a big price drop ... but I don't think anyone anticipated just quite how high the price was going to go."
— Marta Dec, CRU Group

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