Precious Metals Outlook: CEO’s, Analysts on Gold, Silver and Platinum

Precious Metals Investing News has compiled this informative, insightful look at precious metals and what analysts and CEO’s expect.



  • Gold Trends 2017: Price Gains Led by Geopolitical Tensions and Uncertainty
  • Gold Outlook 2018: Watch the Fed, Debt and Geopolitics
  • Gold Forecast 2018: Companies Weigh In
  • Silver Trends 2017: Physical Surplus for First Time in Four Years
  • Silver Outlook 2018: Price May Rise Quickly Once Triggered
  • Platinum Outlook 2018: Supply Deficit and Rebounding Demand
  • Palladium Outlook 2018: Prices Expected to Stabilize

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  • Japan Gold
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  • Renforth Resources
  • Fortune Minerals Limited
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  • Canada Cobalt Works
  • Lions Bay Capital
  • Canadian Platinum
  • VVC Exploration Corp

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