Top Robotics Stocks

- May 1st, 2018

What are the top robotics stocks? Here’s an overview of seven companies in the space that tech investors may want to consider.

According to IDC, overall spending on robotics and drone solutions will reach $103.1 billion in 2018, an increase of 21.1 percent from 2017.

By 2021, the firm estimates this number will reach $218.4 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 25.4 percent over that time period.

The report further states that robotics spending will reach $94 billion this year, accounting for over 90 percent of all spending from 2017 to 2021. Industrial robotics solutions will take the largest share of that number, totaling more than 70 percent, followed by service robots and consumer robots.

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“Industrial robots are becoming more intelligent, human-friendly and easier to work with,” Dr. Jing Bing Zhang, research director of robotics at IDC, said in the report.

“This has accelerated their rapid expansion in the manufacturing industry beyond automotive, especially in high-tech manufacturing that requires light-weight robots with higher precision, flexibility, mobility and collaborative capability. Vendors who are not able to meet such demands will see their market position quickly eroded,” he added.

A separate report from Statista shows that the revenue generated from the robotics market globally, both industrial and non-industrial, will touch $237.28 billion in 2022, up from an estimated $40 billion in 2017.

On that note, here the Investing News Network is providing an overview of robotics stocks for investor consideration. With the global industry fueled for massive growth in the coming years, now may be the time more than ever for investors to jump into this space.

The stocks below are listed in alphabetical order, and are on various exchanges around the world. All numbers and figures were current as of May 1, 2018. Here’s a closer look at those companies.


Share price: US$46.01; market cap: US$7.95 billion

Cognex is a play on industrial automation, and provides machine-vision products that obtain and analyze visual information in order to automate tasks where vision is needed. Cognex also operates through machine-vision technologies, which are used to automate the manufacturing and tracking of discrete items, including mobile phones, medications and automobile tires.

In late April, Cognex announced new products to advance the barcode-reading and verification experience.

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FANUC (TSE:6954)

Share price: JPY 23,990; market cap: JPY 4.9 trillion

FANUC provides leading robotics, CNC systems and factory automation. FANUC is one of the pure plays in industrial automation, and recently marked production of its 500,000th robot.

Based in Japan, FANUC has 261 locations and 107 countries across the world. At the beginning of April, the company launched the SCARA Robot range for assembly, packing and material handling.


Share price: US$57.87; market cap: US$1.63 billion

iRobot is a consumer robot company that designs and build robots. Its portfolio includes concepts in mapping, navigation, mobility and artificial intelligence, and it is also famously known for creating the Roomba, which is a floor-vacuuming robot.

The company, which generated US$884 million in revenue in 2017, has had a quiet year so far, and last week announced its first-quarter financial results.


Share price: $89.80; market cap: $3.58 billion

Kuka is a German manufacturer of industrial robots and provides solutions for factory automation. The company is a specialist in the field of robotics and automation technology, and it has a wide selection of robots. It has subsidiaries in 30 countries.

In late April, the company expanded its product portfolio by launching new riveting solutions for body-in-white applications.

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Mazor Robotics (NASDAQ:MZOR)

Share price: US$52.93; market cap: US$1.39 billion

Mazor Robotics is a medical device company that develops computerized and imaging-based systems in the field of spine surgery. Its Renaissance Surgical Guidance System allows surgeons to move from freehand surgical procedures to guided procedures. Mazor Robotics also developed the Renaissance Brain Module, which provides control when inserting surgical instruments during brain surgery.

Just like iRobot, this company has had a quiet year so far apart from an announcement in January when it said it had received 27 system orders.

Rewalk Robotics (NASDAQ:RWLK)

Share price: US$1.07; market cap: US$32.11 million

Rewalk Robotics is another medical device company that works to design, develop and commercialize exoskeletons that give people with mobility impairments the ability to stand and walk.

The company continues to expand its product portfolio, and in early April it announced a cheaper walking device for stroke victims.

Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK)

Share price: US$167.32; market cap: US$21.38 billion

Rockwell Automation provides industrial automation power, control and information solutions through two segments: architecture and software; and control products and solutions. The former involves various hardware, software and communication components of the company’s integrated control and information architecture, while the latter offers products that perform control disciplines and application monitoring.

In mid-April, the company announced new controllers to simplify machines and improve safety performance.

Other top robotics stocks

Not included in this list is privately owned Boston Dynamics, which has become a pioneer of American engineering and robotics design. Boston Dynamics made headlines for a video featuring two robots opening a door. Boston Dynamics is owned by Softbank Group (TSE:9984). 

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Securities Disclosure: I, Bala Yogesh, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

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