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Nevada Sunrise Metals (TSXV:NEV)

Nevada Sunrise Metals

Developing High-Quality Mineral Exploration Projects in Nevada

Bradda Head Lithium (TSXV:BHLI)

Bradda Head Lithium Limited

Diversified Lithium Deposits to Strengthen US Domestic Supply Chain

Alpha Lithium (NEO: ALLI)

Alpha Lithium

First-mover Advantage in Exploring Argentina’s Highly Prospective Lithium Deposits

Ultra Lithium Inc. (TSXV:ULT, OTCQB: ULTXF, Frankfurt: QFB)

Ultra Lithium

Advancing Canadian and Argentinian Lithium Assets to Meet Growing Demand

Century Lithium (TSXV:LCE)

Century Lithium

Developing One of Nevada’s Largest Lithium Projects Towards Production

Electric Royalties (TSXV:ELEC)

Electric Royalties

Leveraging Growing Demand for Electrification Commodities Through Established Metal Royalty Modeling and Acquisition

GMV Minerals

GMV Minerals

Leveraging a Potentially Rich Lithium Asset in Nevada

Sage Potash

Sage Potash

Potentially the largest deposit closest to production in the US

Winsome Resources

Winsome Resources

Advancing from discovery to maiden resource

Ion Energy (TSXV:ION)

Ion Energy

First-mover Advantage for Lithium in Southeast Mongolia

North Arrow Minerals

North Arrow Minerals

Unlocking the Lithium Potential of Canada's Far North

Victory Resources (CSE:VR)

Victory Battery Metals

Diverse Portfolio of Base and Battery Metals Projects in North America

Battery Mineral Resources

Battery Mineral Resources

​​A Near-term Growth Optionality in the Global Electrification Trend

Beyond Lithium

Beyond Lithium

Largest Greenfield Lithium Exploration Portfolio in Ontario

Hertz Lithium

Hertz Lithium

With recession concerns looming, many investors want to know where to put their money. These four ASX stock sectors tend to perform well during recessionary periods.

CleanTech Lithium (OTCQB:CTLHF)

CleanTech Lithium

Prolific Lithium Assets with a sustainable approach to Meet EV Battery Demand

Infinity Stone Ventures (CSE:GEMS, OTC:GEMSF)

Infinity Stone Ventures

Diversified Critical Battery Metals Assets for the Electric Revolution

Logo for Forward Water Technologies (TSXV:FWTC)

Forward Water Technologies

Innovative Technology Supporting the Quest for Clean Water

Critical Resources

Critical Resources

High-grade Lithium Portfolio, in a Tier 1 Location, Aligned with the World’s Green Energy Transition

International Lithium

International Lithium

Developing a Portfolio of Lithium and Rare Metals for the Canadian Battery Supply Chain

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