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January 1, 2019

Coal Outlook 2019: Demand to Remain Stable

As the world moves towards green energy, what will happen to coal? Read on to learn what analysts see for...
April 11, 2018

Coal Mogul Plans to Buy Coal-fired Power Plants

Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, wants to buy power plants to save the coal industry. The acquisitions could happen...
February 9, 2017

The Future of Coal Under Trump

2016 was the US coal sector's worst year since 1978, but under a Trump presidency its future looks more promising.
December 29, 2016

Coal Outlook 2017: An Uncertain Future

Despite climate change agreements to curb carbon emissions, the recent US election results could change the future of coal. What...
March 21, 2016

The Importance of Clean Coal Technologies

The Investing News Network had the chance to speak with Robin Eves, president and CEO of Clean Coal Technologies, about...
November 26, 2015

Rio Tinto CEO: Coal Will Continue to Play an Important Role

Bloomberg reported that Rio Tinto's (NYSE:RIO) Jean-Sebastien Jacques has said that coal will continue to play an important part in...
October 14, 2015

Can We Afford to Keep Using Coal?

Part two of an interview with Dr. Keith Burnard, head of the Energy Supply Technology Unit at the International Energy...