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What is Happening to the Silver Price?

What is Happening to the Silver Price?

Silver prices appear to be continuing their downward trend, dropping sharply on August 21 from $19.25 per ounce to to $18.82 per ounce as of 2:07 p.m. EST on August 23, hitting an overall two week low.  

The significant drop Sunday night, however,  marked a seven-week low, with pressures of

Silver Investment On Par With Gold

The rise in precious metals investing by our readers and the fact that silver’s investment popularity is now on par with that of gold are both very much in line with the developing trends we are seeing in worldwide gold and silver investing.

Resource Market Weekly Recap – Mar 11, 2010

The industrial metals sector as a whole is expected to improve this year and next as global economic growth improves, although the going will be slow. RBC Capital Markets recently gave its perspective on the short- to medium-term silver market expecting silver’s fundamentals to remain positive as industrial and

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