The FreightTech Boom and Disruption in Transportation - A Key Trend for 2020 and Beyond

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Is Now a Good Time to Invest in Cleantech?

As climate change becomes increasingly pressing, many investors are considering cleantech's potential.

The term " cleantech " refers to any technology that aims to reduce environmental impact while delivering equal or better results than traditional technologies. This can involve shifting away from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources like wind or solar power, reducing waste, treating wastewater and many other innovations .

Cleantech alternatives are now being used in a variety of sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, waste management and energy production. Cleantech also involves monitoring carbon levels.

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NEO Battery Materials

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Turning Australia's Looming Energy Crisis into Opportunity

Australia faces a looming energy crisis driven by a combination of unfavourable conditions and challenges in the energy market . The situation, however, provides an opportunity for the country to diversify its energy sources, increasing its renewable and green energy generation capacity and reducing fossil fuel reliance in the process.

This market has created an ideal playing ground for Australian renewable and green energy producers, for whom the opportunities and incentives have never been greater.

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Central Perth Location for WA’s First Public Green Hydrogen Refuelling Station

Frontier Energy Limited (ASX: FHE; OTCQB: FRHYF) (Frontier or the Company) is pleased to announce it has reached an in-principle agreement with the City of Perth for the development of WA’s first publicly available Green Hydrogen Refuelling Station (Refuelling Station).

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WA’s Electricity Grid Constraints Highlight Strategic Advantage of the Bristol Spring Project

Frontier Energy Limited (ASX: FHE; OTCQB: FRHYF) (Frontier or the Company) engaged independent specialist energy and resources consultancy ResourcesWA, to undertake an assessment (the Report) of Western Australia’s major electricity network, the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).

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