Is a Glittering Geological Jackpot in Dunnedin’s Crosshairs?

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A recent article on highlighted Dunnedin Ventures Inc. (TSXV:DVI).

As quoted in the article:

The world’s most famous diamond-hunting guru, Chuck Fipke, likes what he sees.

And what he’s excited about points to a potential multi-billion dollar diamond discovery in-the-making.

If he’s right, the start-up diamond explorer Dunnedin Ventures (TSX.V: DVI) may yet have a realistic shot at glory. In so doing, it could emulate the stratospheric success that earned Fipke’s own publicly-listed diamond explorer a legendary reputation.

Known as Dia Met Minerals, Fipke’s company catapulted from mere pennies in 1991 to over $67 a share the following year. This was after Dia Met discovered what was to become the Ekati diamond mine — Canada’s first — which is in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

Since then, numerous other diamond exploration companies have tried their luck in the frigid, forbidding wastelands that encompass Canada’s northern diamond fields. Only several have succeeded. Yet they, too, made millionaires of many ordinary household investors.

Fipke’s success with Ekati — one of the world’s most profitable mines — had little to do with luck and everything to do with the genius of his geological sleuthing. More specifically, he’s a world-renowned expert in using indicator mineral geochemistry to lead him to buried diamond treasures.

It’s very possible that there’s commercial concentrations of diamonds on Dunnedin’s property,” Fipke enthuses. “The geochemistry certainly suggests this may be the case.”

“Very few places in the world have geochemistry this good. In fact, it’s very similar to the geochemistry of the richest pipes at the Ekati diamond mine.”

Investment Synopsis

Dunnedin is committed in 2017 to drilling untested high-priority kimberlites, as well as uncovering more diamonds at its Kahuna and Notch kimberlites. These key value drivers will go a long way towards determining if a multi-billion dollar jackpot really is within the company’s reach.

Having Chuck Fipke in Dunnedin’s corner will certainly boost the company’s prospects for success. He believes that Canada’s Great White North likely has at least one more dazzling secret to give up. And if anyone can come up trumps, it will probably be him    — in conjunction, of course, with Dunnedin’s own accomplished team of geologists.

Whatever the eventual outcome, 2017 heralds a year in which Dunnedin’s investors will need to tighten their seat belts in readiness for an exciting journey into uncharted territory — one that may yet prove to be the ride of lifetime.

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