Alpha Esports Tech: Transforming the Esports Community through Innovative Technology

- June 8th, 2021

Alpha Esports Tech (CSE:ALPA)(FRA:9HN) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network.

Alpha Esports Tech (CSE:ALPA)(FRA:9HN) transforms the growing Esports community through its competitive gaming platform GamerzArena that offers tournaments, head-to-head betting, skill-based contests and league play with Alpha Coin, a Bitcoin-pegged token. Through its “freemium” model and exciting new partnerships, the company is creating a tremendously vast ecosystem in the online gaming and esports world.

The GamerzArena platform provides a high-quality experience that leverages a “freemium” model that allows users to immerse themselves in the gaming world with few restrictions. The level of free value this platform provides makes it an easy upsell for the platform’s premium subscription model, GamerzArena+

Alpha Esports Tech’s Company Highlights

  • Alpha Esports Tech is an online gaming company focused on creating a comprehensive and scalable gaming experience.
  • Their platform GamerzArena works as a “Freemium” model, with added value offered for their premium subscription service GamerzArena+.
  • GamerzArena+ allows users to take part in bigger tournaments, head-to-head betting, access to bitcoin pegged Alpha Coin and the exposure needed to be scouted to larger teams and leagues.
  • Alpha Esports Tech offers multiple different avenues within online gaming, which has allowed them to secure a steady lineup of successful partnerships, including the Vancouver Whitecaps, New Jersey Devils and more.
  • The company capitalized on the growing mobile gaming industry by acquiring Paradise City Gaming. This acquisition pairs seamlessly with Alpha Esports Tech’s current business model and will allow them to expand on their already multiple revenue streams.
  • The leadership team brings diverse experience within the multimedia, online gaming and sporting world. Having a deep understanding of their target market and how to reach them combined with multiple partnerships still in their infancy, Alpha Esports Tech has only just begun to grow their user base and gain market share.

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