Canadian Cannabis Stocks

The Canadian cannabis space is one of the hottest growing sectors. Here's a look at Canadian cannabis stocks for investors to consider.

canadian marijuana stocks

By Jocelyn Aspa and Bryan Mc Govern

Canadian cannabis stocks have been on investors’ lips the last year. With so many large and small companies on different exchanges, market watchers are left wondering what Canadian cannabis stocks are out there to choose from? Plus, what are the legal implications and what are the risks in this sector? The Canadian cannabis sector is taking huge steps in establishing guidelines for their product and finding international opportunities in the medical landscape, while the recreational market will officially be legalized in 2018.

Down in the US, a number of states are in various phases of legalization for both medical and recreational marijuana use. In Canada the situation is a bit clearer, however, new players are appearing causing disruption for investors looking to enter this space. That said, there are good opportunities in Canadian cannabis stocks for those willing to do their research.

Business in cannabis has expanded into massive levels of investment thanks to opportunities in various stock listings. In Canada, cannabis companies can seek public investment through stock listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), its smaller sibling market TSX Venture (TSXV) and the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

With that in mind, here’s a look at a variety of publicly traded Canadian cannabis stocks. The list includes cannabis and hemp focused stocks divided by the respective Canadian exchange.

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Canadian Cannabis Stocks on the TSX

The TSX has seen leaders of the cannabis industry join its listing and offer investors a new venue into cannabis ventures. These include massive license producers (LPs) expanding their product and brands overseas.

Aphria (TSX:APH)

Also licensed under the ACMPR, much like other companies on the Canadian cannabis stocks, Aphria is located in Leamington, Ontario. The company self-describes itself as “truly powered by sunlight”, which they state allows for natural growing conditions to produce safe medical cannabis products.

Aphria made its strategic entrance to the US cannabis market through Liberty Health Sciences (CSE:LHS; OTCBB:LHSIF), which seeks and partners with cannabis companies in the US. Their first market is in Florida. Despite its interest in the American market, the company was forced to dump its assets south of the border due to regulations issues with the TMX Group. Aphria sold its stake in an Arizona producer to Liberty Health and plans to let go of its own stake in Liberty Health.

The company recently expanded their international reach thanks to a major acquisition worth $826 million for Nuuvera (TSXV:NUU).

Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB)

Next on our Canadian cannabis stocks is Aurora Cannabis. This company is currently fast at work on the development of their Aurora Sky facility, an 800,000 square foot hybrid greenhouse, which obtained its cultivation license from Health Canada, the country’s regulator.

Aurora entered an aggressive takeover bid for CanniMed Therapeutics in 2017. The issue grew as Cannimed’s management team disputed this bid and made every effort to disregard it until finally, the two settled on friendly terms. In the end, Aurora spent nearly $1.1 billion to complete their acquisition.

As part of their most recent quarterly update to shareholders the company revealed it had reached $11.7 million in revenue for the second quarter of their fiscal 2018 year. The company also shared some details on one of their most recent partnerships, an investment deal with Liquor Stores N.A. meant to plan for the creation of cannabis retail outlets.

The company explained its new investee will convert existing retail locations into specific cannabis outlets while also looking for new spaces to develop.

CanniMed Therapeutics (TSX:CMED)

CanniMed has 15 years of pharmaceutical cannabis cultivation experience and GMP-compliant production process to back up its medical cannabis services. The company is involved in the international market and was able to complete the shipment of the first commercial cannabis oil to enter Australia, thanks to a permit from the Australian Department of Health.

CanniMed received an acquisition offer from Aurora Cannabis, that turned into a heated aggressive attempt. Finally, in January 2018 the two companies resolved this case and Aurora officially bought CanniMed.

Due to this acquisition, CanniMed was not able to complete its own acquisition effort for Newstrike Resources (TSXV:HIP). It is still unclear what the future of CanniMed and its employees will be now that it is an Aurora company.

CannTrust Holdings (TSX:TRST)

CannTrust became the sixth LP to join the TSX when its shares officially launched in the premier Canadian exchange on March 5. The company skipped the TSX Venture exchange entirely and upgraded from the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE).

“Graduating to the TSX reflects the amazing progress we have made since listing on the CSE in August last year and represents yet another important milestone for CannTrust as we continue our successful journey as one of Canada’s leading cannabis companies” Eric Paul, CEO of CannTrust said.

This year the Canadian cannabis stock managed to complete a $15,000,000 mortgage financing deal for its greenhouse facility in Niagara.

Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED)

Canopy Growth is the largest Canadian cannabis stock, having been the first cannabis organization to surpass the $1 billion market cap.

Canopy holds producers Tweed and Bedrocan under its umbrella. Tweed’s production facility is located in the old Hershey factory in Smith Falls, Ontario, while its breeding facility was completed in September 2016. The company believes the state-of-the-art facility is the first of its kind and will form the foundation of new Canadian-bred genetics.

Canopy regularly announces new deals and partnerships with international emerging markets. Late in 2017, the company announced a deal that sent a signal to the entire industry. Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ), a massive alcohol producer in the US, invested in 9.9 percent equity of Canopy, which signaled the increased credibility of the cannabis business to the overall market.

MedReleaf (TSX:LEAF)

MedReleaf is one of the Canadian cannabis stocks whose company is working to advance the knowledge available on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis for patient care. At the Canaccord cannabis investor day conference, they revealed throughout 2018 their four primary areas of focus included the Canadian medical cannabis market and opportunities over in the international market.

Also at the conference, the company released information on a new type of genetic test they are working on that will allow them and fellow researchers to discover how high of a dose does a patient need for their medical needs.

MedReleaf raised $100.7 million for its IPO in 2017, becoming one of the biggest cannabis-related IPO ever. The stock, however, suffered a 22 percent decline at the time from its projected price on its first public day.

Recently the company announced the launch of its recreational focused brand. Dubbed San Rafael ’71, this new brand is designed to “celebrate the spirit of classic cannabis culture,” according to the company.

Neil Closner, CEO of MedReleaf, said the company plans to “fortify and extend” its market share in the industry beyond the medical cannabis market.

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Canadian Cannabis Stocks on the TSXV

Previously known as the Canadian Venture Exchange, the TSX Venture Exchange is the sibling listing from the larger Toronto Stock Exchange. This listing offers a variety of Canadian cannabis stocks ranging from growers to biotech companies looking for cannabinoid (CBD) therapies.

ABcann Global (TSXV:ABCN)

ABcann became public this year with a complete TSXV listing. This licensed producer is set to expand with additions to their staff and new 100,000-square-foot facility set to add to their current 625 kilograms per year production.

The Canadian cannabis stock evaluates its product under a climate-controlled chamber, which allows it to put out a uniform product and be safer when it comes to new Health Canada randomized inspections on cannabis from its producers. In July, ABcann announced its listing on the OTCQB Marketplace and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Prior to that, it–together with Cannabis Wheaton–announced the signing of an agreement for the first tranche of a $15 million placement.

Cannabis Wheaton Income (TSXV:CBW)

A fairly new entrant to the Canadian cannabis sector, Cannabis Wheaton, was formed to provide funding for facility expansions, operations, and initial construction. In return, the company gets minority equity interests and a percentage of the cultivation. Their team includes a group of experienced people in the area like the co-founder of Canopy, Chuck Rifici, who is the CEO of Cannabis Wheaton.

President Hugo Alves told INN the company overcame an unsuccessful offering deal with two financial banking institutions to continue their financing business with other cannabis businesses in Canada.

Cronos Group (TSXV:MJN)

The Cronos Group rebranded from PharmaCan to become Cronos Group in October 2016, with a vision to become Canada’s first bi-coastal licensed producer with interests in five licensed producers and three licensed applicants.

The Canadian cannabis stock has been on an expansion path on an international scale, in January 2018 they announced the official launch of their new Australian arm. Cronos Australia will provide products to the growing patient population.

Delta 9 Cannabis (TSXV:NINE)

Delta 9 is a cannabis producer located in Manitoba and currently in the running for one of the four master licenses set to be awarded to companies for the involvement of the upcoming cannabis market in that province. They partnered with Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED) for their business development under their CraftGrow program.

“We are already working closely on a project to jointly serve the growing market in Manitoba; this project brings Delta 9’s craft grown cannabis products to a wider national audience through Canopy Growth’s well-established CraftGrow network,” Delta 9 CEO John Arbuthnot said.

Emblem (TSXV:EMC)

Like most other Canadian cannabis stocks, Emblem is a licensed producer in Canada, currently using the latest in indoor grow science. The company’s new facility located in Ontario was designed with a purpose to cultivate and cure cannabis for medicinal use. Emblem gave the go-ahead in December 2016 from Health Canada to begin production of cannabis oil.

In November of 2017, the company announced has been granted a license to sell cannabis oils expanding their business options in the market.

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Emerald Health Botanicals (TSXV:EMH)

Emerald Health Botanicals, previously Emerald Health therapeutics, is a licensed medical marijuana producer under MMPR. As a federal research grant recipient, the Canadian cannabis stock conducts research and development into the characterization of cannabis strains and cultivation technologies. It also collaborates with academic and medical research to help gain further understanding of the effect of cannabis on humans.

Harvest One Cannabis (TSXV:HVT)

Harvest One conducts its business thanks to three different units, United Greeneries provides the horticultural arm while Satipharm AG serves the medical arm. Those two are under the Harvest One umbrella. Each business is strategically located with supportive regulatory frameworks in place. United Greeneries has received a Canadian medicinal cannabis cultivation license. The company announced on May 9 it had completed its first international shipment, with product heading to Australia.

The Hydropothecary Corporation (TSXV:THCX)

Also a licensed producer, this Canadian cannabis stock sells their product through their website and grows it under a glass roof greenhouse, which makes it so their crops receive direct sunlight.

Hydropothecary went public in March following a couple of false starts, according to the Financial Post, the company joined the TSXV due to the potential for legalization on the recreational market.

This year the company announced the appointment of Dr. Terry Lake, former B.C. Minister of Health, as their new vice-president of corporate social responsibility.


This licensed integrated Canadian cannabis stock operates out of Uruguay, a leader in the legal cannabis space and a model many other countries have looked for a similar strategy. ICC is also investing in cannabis research to improve understanding of its physical uses and medical benefits.

TheCanadian cannabis stock obtained two licenses to enter the medical cannabis market in Colombia, adding to its reach in the Latin American market.


INDIVA is a relatively new player in the space, their focus is on the supply of medical cannabis. Through an acquisition, this company holds a licensed producer with an indoor cannabis facility in Ontario.

The Canadian cannabis stock signed an exclusive agreement with Medropharm GmbH and Greenfields Health Care for the exclusive supply of cannabis strains in Canada. “Through our relationship with Medropharm and Greenfields we not only gain access to certain in-demand high-CBD cannabis strains we will also benefit from their extensive research and innovation,” INDIVA CEO Niel Marotta said.

Invictus MD (TSXV:IMH)

Invictus hosts a platform for cannabis, located in Vancouver, the company wants to capitalize on the upcoming cannabis legalization process the federal government is set to take.

Invictus announced in April 2017 an agreement with Canopy Growth to allow the sale of the product from AB Labs, which was partly acquired by Invictus last year, on the Tweed Main Street’s online store. On June 23, Invictus announced it had been included on the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF.

Kalytera Therapeutics (TSXV:KALY)

This clinical-stage pharmaceutical is working on developing the latest in therapies available through the use of cannabis. Kalytera is developing a new class of proprietary CBD therapeutics.

At the end of May, Kalytera announced its first quarter 2017 financial results, highlighting that the Canadian cannabis stock was spending $404,000 on research and development. In September the company received approval from the Institutional Review Board at one of two clinical sites in Israel to commence a Phase 2 study to evaluate cannabidiol (CBD) for the prevention of GvHD.

Maple Leaf Green World (TSXV:MGW)

Maple Leaf Green World is involved in a number of different projects around the globe. In California, the Canadian cannabis stock is joint-ventured with a non-profit collective for a growing facility. The company is also involved in an eco-agriculture venture in China, focused on growing value-added tree seedlings.

Recently the Canadian cannabis stock announced received conditional approvals from the City of Henderson, Nevada for medical cannabis establishment and cultivation facility. In February 2018 the company announced it would be moving its common shares from the TSXV exchange to the Aequitas NEO Exchange.

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National Access Cannabis (TSXV:NAC)

This Canadian cannabis stock earned one of the coveted retail licenses for the province of Manitoba, which helped boost its share price so far in 2018. National Access Cannabis announced it was planning to strengthen its relationship with a few very different cannabis companies: CannaRoyalty, Cannabis Wheaton Income, and Tilray.

The license was a win for the company’s decision to partner with the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation of Manitoba to establish a retail recreational cannabis store in Thompson, Manitoba.

Naturally Splendid (TSXV:NSP)

Naturally Splendid has a slightly different focus than some of the other companies here on the Canadian cannabis stocks list. Rather than being involved in the medical marijuana space, the company offers investors exposure to the hemp-based healthy foods, omega, and cannabinoid markets.

The company announced it started shipping their NATERA(R) brand of products to an Australian distributor, opening the doors to a new cannabis market.

Newstrike Resources (TSXV:HIP)

Through its subsidiary, Up Cannabis, Newstrike plans on developing various cannabis brands which would address medical client needs and as full legalization rolls into the country, recreational consumers as well. This licensed producer inked a deal with the Canadian band The Tragically Hip to contribute creatively to the company’s efforts.

Shareholders of the Canadian cannabis stock voted in favor of being acquired by CanniMed Therapeutics (TSX:CMED) in January 2018, only for CanniMed to then cut a deal with Aurora Cannabis (TSX:ACB) and drop the potential acquisition of Newstrike.

OrganiGram Holdings (TSXV:OGI)

As its name suggests, OrganiGram specializes in producing organically grown medical marijuana. The company is licensed under the ACMPR and has a production facility located in Moncton, New Brunswick.

The Canadian cannabis stock has been actively involved with the business plan for the province of New Brunswick, it’s home location. The company also announced a support agreement with le Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) and the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour “to support the delivery of the first commercial cannabis cultivation technician program in Canada.”

Radient Technologies (TSXV:RTI)

Radient is an extraction technology company that has dabbled in the cannabis sector thanks to a partnership with licensed producer Aurora Cannabis. The partnership was unveiled this year and since then the two companies have provided an update on the status of their collaboration.

press release from Aurora revealed the intention behind this partnership was to achieve a superior standardized cannabinoid extract.

“The potential to substantially increase our extracts production capacity while maintaining terpene profiles would further differentiate our Company, and we are excited to be exploring this opportunity further in the coming weeks,” said Aurora’s CEO Terry Booth in the same release.

Scythian Biosciences (TSXV:SCYB)

Scythian is a research and development company with a patent application for the use of cannabinoids for the treatment of brain trauma injuries. This Canadian cannabis stock received a hefty investment from Aphria (TSX: APH), which acted as a leader of a private placement deal.

Tetra Bio-Pharma (TSXV:TBP)

This Canadian cannabis stock operates in the drug discovery and development aspect of cannabis, more specifically cannabinoid-based drugs. Most recently the company obtained approval from Health Canadafor their phase 2 cannabis oil trial.

“We currently have a strong pipeline of five cannabinoid-based products, all launched last year and using different delivery systems, in various stages towards Health Canada and FDA approval,” Bernard Fortier, CEO of Tetra Bio-Pharma’s said.

The Supreme Cannabis Company (TSXV:FIRE)

Supreme is next on our Canadian cannabis stocks list. Located in Kincardine, Ontario, the company’s federally approved medical marijuana company, 7ACRES, cultivates medical marijuana on a greenhouse cost base. Along with 24 other companies, Supreme received its federal license in March of 2016.

In October the company announced its partner 7ACRES obtained Health Canada approvals in order to start cultivation at the recently completed 30,000 square feet flowering rooms at their hybrid facility.


Another officially licensed producer in Canada, WeedMD is focused on the growth of medical cannabis and sells its product directly to customers through their website. In May the company announced they received a sale license, which expands their business to include the sale of 1,200kg dried medicinal product per year.

Earlier this year the company joined the TSXV. The Canadian cannabis stock is looking to perform an expansion with a 220,000 square feet facility as it prepares for the recreational market to open in Canada. On June 28, it was announced that the company had entered a strategic partnership with Aurora Cannabis. Prior to that, WeedMD announced that it had secured a license from Health Canada to produce cannabis oils.

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Canadian Cannabis Stocks on the CSE

The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) offers investors with a variety of cannabis-related companies seeking to increase their business activities. The CSE offers Canadian companies an option to seek business possibilities in the US, as long as it manages to disclose all its risks properly to shareholders. Let’s take a look at some of the Canadian cannabis stocks listed there.

Abattis Bioceuticals (CSE:ATT)

Abattis Bioceuticals is a vertically integrated biotechnology company focused on natural health products, including cannabis. The company develops natural health products and conducts research and development for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, bioceutical and cosmetic markets.

This year the Canadian cannabis stock has expanded their work in novel cannabis products with a partnership to develop a hemp-infused, cannabinoid-rich, THC-free craft beer alongside Vancouver-based craft brewery Faculty Brewing.

Alliance Growers (CSE:ACG)

In its attempt to scale up on the cannabis market from a regional, national and international scope, ACG has moved to develop a Cannabis Botany Centre with Botanical Research In Motion International to jointly develop and operate multiple cannabis-focused Botany centers in Canada.

The Canadian cannabis stock provided an update to shareholders on their acquisition of Biocannatech, a late-stage licensed producer applicant under Health Canada’s access to cannabis for medical purposes regulations (ACMPR) in Quebec.

Beleave (CSE:BE)

Beleave is a biotech company with a focus on becoming a licensed producer of medical-grade cannabis under the ACMPR. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, First Access, applied for a pre-license inspection in March 2017.

On January 31 the company announced it received a notification from Health Canada about its pre-sale inspection, which is now scheduled for February 8. If approved the Canadian cannabis stock will obtain a cannabis sales license.

Cannabix Technologies (CSE:BLO)

On the technology side of things, Cannabix Technologies is developing a breathalyzer that detects THC for use by law enforcement. The company announced its inclusion in the CSE25 Index in November 2017.

Most recently the company provided an update to shareholders of the development for their marijuana breathalyzer. “With completion of the modular Beta 3.0 prototype, Cannabix has achieved several key developmental milestones allowing this technology to be directly tested against the accepted laboratory standard of mass spectrometry,” Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Raj Attariwala said.

CannaRoyalty (CSE:CRZ)

CannaRoyalty puts together its platform of holdings through royalty agreements, equity interests, convertible debt and licensing agreements across Canada and the US. The Canadian cannabis stock seeks to make investments in cannabis companies for the US market, with a direct focus on California, Nevada, and Florida.

After US Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, the company issued a statement reassuring shareholders of its position in the American market.

“The evidence from legal states demonstrates that legalizing and regulating cannabis consumption works,” Marc Lusting, CEO of CannaRoyalty said. “It is our belief that this Memorandum has more to do with the DOJ’s desire to ensure its ability to continue to enforce federal law without specific enforcement priorities regarding cannabis, than it does to disrupting ongoing state-legal cannabis activity.”

Friday Night (CSE:TGIF)

Friday Night is a cannabis producer based on the state of Nevada, one of the states to most recently legalized the recreational use of cannabis.

The company raised $7.5 million in order to fully capitalize on the high demand of the market in Las Vegas. On June 15, the company began trading on the CSE. Thanks to the boom of the Nevada market, the company is hoping to capitalize on the millions of tourists visiting Las Vegas.

The Canadian cannabis stock announced its intentions to expand its presence into one of the biggest cannabis market available, California.

FinCanna Capital (CSE:CALI)

FinCanna is a royalty company for the licensed medical cannabis industry, with a focus on the California market. The company started trading on December 29, 2017.

Their lead investment is for Cultivation Technologies, which is planning the development of a production facility in Coachella, California.

Future Farm Technologies (CSE:FFT)

The company works on the development of agriculture technologies for the growth of plants. With the boom of the cannabis industry, Future Farm has expanded their business into marijuana, now representing one of their top 4 business priorities.

Through its subsidiaries, the Canadian cannabis stock has interests in farming projects in California related to the extraction of THC and CBD strains.

Global Cannabis Application (CSE:APP)

Global Cannabis runs a mobile application business related to the cannabis industry. Their products include Citizen Green, Foro, Opinit and Truth.

The Canadian cannabis stock plans to roll out the launch of their cannabis lifestyle apps CannaLife and CannaMed. The company announced it will launch Citizen Green’s CannaMed and CannaLife apps.

Global Hemp Group (CSE:GHG)

Canadian cannabis stock Global Hemp focuses on the acquisition or joint venturing with companies all over the hemp and cannabis sector. The companies in their network include “suppliers of high quality sustainable raw materials and finished products derived from the hemp plant.”

Global Hemp’s latest joint venture is with Marijuana Company of America (OTC:MCOA) in which the two companies will work on the development of their New Brunswick hemp project.

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Golden Leaf Holdings (CSE:GLH)

Listed in Canada but located in Oregon, Golden Leaf Holdings is focused on producing high-quality cannabis oils. Currently, the company’s portfolio of brands is to meet the needs of patients, consumer and strategic partners.

The company gained licenses to sell its products in Las Vegas and other areas in the state of Nevada, a market that has expanded in 2017 with incredibly high demand, following the legalization of cannabis.

High Hampton Holdings (CSE:HC)

High Hampton is a cannabis operator focused on the Californian market. Through its subsidiary, CoachellaGro the company is expanding their reach in the state. As the company awaits for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a 10.8-acre CoachellaGro facility located within the Coachella cultivation zone, in January it announced a strategic planning phase.

During the Lift Cannabis Expo in Vancouver this year, CEO David Argudo gave INN an update on the obstacles facing the California cannabis market. On the topic of risk potential for CSE-listed cannabis operators in the US, the company gave an update to shareholders after Canadian Securities Administrators issued a notice asking companies in this space for a risk disclosure update.

“By further clarifying what is expected of an issuer, the CSA offers valuable guidance on disclosure necessities and further reiterates its commitment to follow this disclosure-based approach,” Argudo said in the statement.

HIKU Brands Company (CSE:HIKU)

Hiku is a Canadian cannabis stock whose company is focused on the lifestyle brand aspect of the industry. The company was created by the same team behind the popular Saxx Underwear.

Previously known as DOJA, the company completed a partnership with Tokyo Smoke to morph its public offering into HIKU. DOJA and all it’s LP product are now a subsidiary of the new enterprise.

iAnthus (CSE:IAN)

This Canadian cannabis stock offers financing options to other cannabis cultivators, processors, and dispensaries in the US. The company has deals with licensed producers in four states: Colorado, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Vermont. By guiding these many companies iAnthus has a solid grasp on the cannabis sector in America.

iAnthus currently has almost 20 million invested in five cannabis operations since the start of 2016. “We look forward to making additional investments in greenfield states as well as acquiring assets that have strong track records of revenue growth and cash flow generation,” Julius Kalcevich, CFO of iAnthus, said in a statement.

The Canadian cannabis stock made a push for the Florida market by buying the assets of GrowHealthy Holdings a local Florida company.

InMed Pharmaceuticals (CSE:IN)

InMed is developing therapies for patients through the research of cannabinoids in combination with drug delivery systems. The company has a dermatology product with clinical trials planned all throughout 2020.

The Canadian cannabis stock recently shared some results from its co-sponsored study with the University of British Columbia. “The InMed-UBC study is the first ever to report hydrogel-mediated cannabinoid nanoparticle delivery to the eye, resulting in enhanced drug uptake via the cornea and lens,” InMed said.

Isodiol International (CSE:ISOL)

Through its own online store, Isodiol offers a variety of cannabidiol (CBD) products like oils, sprays, and patches. The company has developed proprietary ISO 9001 and GMP-certified cannabinoid production and purification methods to formulate high-quality CBD products.

Isodiol is one of the first Canadian companies to express an interest in entering the Mexican market, following medical legalization in the country. Isodiol announced in early July that it had received approval from the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency for its pharmaceutical grade Cannabidiol product, Isoderm.

Lexaria Bioscience (CSE:LXX)

Lexaria is food biosciences company that has the technology for improved delivery of bioactive compounds. In particular, the Canadian cannabis stock offers a variety of hemp oil products to its consumers and also has some novel food offerings like a black tea infused with hemp oil.

Lexaria has filed patents in the US to protect their lipid-based delivery mechanisms. On October 31, the company announced it received a US patent for the use of its “technology as a delivery platform for all cannabinoids including THC; fat-soluble vitamins; non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medications; and nicotine.”

Lotus Ventures (CSE:J)

Lotus is a medical marijuana company planning to build a 28,000 square foot facility. Lotus is awaiting a confirmation letter from Health Canada regarding their federal license.

Recently the Canadian cannabis stock announced it had signed a deal with Cannabis Wheaton (TSXV:CBW) for $5 million worth of common shares.

Liberty Health Sciences (CSE:LHS)

Liberty Health is a company focused on cannabis opportunities in the US. They are partnered with Aphria (TSX:APH; OTCQB:APHQF) Currently, Liberty Health is focused on the market available in Florida, including a variety of deals to provide cannabis products to that state.

Liberty Leaf (CSE:LIB)

Liberty Leaf Holdings is focused on the business of acquiring partnership interests in up-and-coming and established companies in the medicinal and recreational cannabis space. On October 27, the  Canadian cannabis stock announced it received an aggregate $763,500 from the exercise of share purchase warrants.

Marapharm Ventures (CSE:MDM)

Marapharm Ventures has two operations in British Columbia. The company’s initial facility–a proposed 22,000 square feet area –will be on an 11-acre site in Kelowna.

Marapharm has also purchased land in Las Vegas for the purpose of building a facility that will host three medical marijuana licenses. What’s more, the company also has the opportunity in Washington to lease a facility to a tier 3 license holder.

Maricann (CSE:MARI)

Maricann is relatively new to the Canadian cannabis stocks, having joined the CSE under the symbol MARI on April 24th. Maricann expects to be finished with the construction of their Langton facility in 2017, which will up their production square footage from 44,000 to 217,500.

The company gave shareholders an update on its recent financing options, including increasing “the size of the Offering from up to $20,000,000 aggregate principal amount of Convertible Debenture Units to up to $26,000,000 (or up to $31,000,000, factoring in the full exercise of the Agents’ Option (as defined below)).”

Matica Enterprises (CSE:MMJ)

Matica is involved in the acquisition of 70 percent of a late stage ACMPR applicant and builds a 10,000 square foot facility in Quebec.

This facility received its official inspection by the management team of Matica, with CEO Boris Zieger saying their facility is on schedule and should be done by November of 2017.

MPX Bioceutical Corporation (CSE:BCC)

Through its subsidiaries and investments in several states in the US, MPX Bioceutical Corporation is involved in the American cannabis market. Formerly known as Canadian Bioceutical Corporation, the company officially changed its name in November.

The company applied for a Canadian licensed producer (LP) status, but due to a rocky unresponsive process decided to mobilize its investments in the US. On May 22, 2017, the company officially began trading on the OTCQB Market.

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MYM Nutraceuticals (CSE:MYM)

Our next Canadian cannabis stocks company is MYM Nutraceuticals, another biopharmaceutical company, and distributor of medical marijuana. It has applied to Health Canada for a production license under MMPR and considers itself well prepared for distribution of medical marijuana, and a growing facility property.

The company has performed a strategy seeking the Australian market, on November 14 the company announced it had completed multiple patent filings with the Office of Drug Control.

NanoSphere (CSE: NSHS)

NanoSphere is a biotech company working on novel delivery methods. Their relation to the cannabis industry comes in the form of technology. Most recently the  Canadian cannabis stock announced a deal with a private-label manufacturer of pharmaceutical goods based in California.

“This new venture not only opens up a huge market, but is a fantastic opportunity to increase our visibility and reputation in the legal cannabis space, and represents a significant stepping stone to reaching even more new patients and consumers with our lauded transdermal delivery system,” Robert Sutton, Chairman and CEO at NanoSphere said.

Nutritional High (CSE:EAT)

Nutritional High is a Canadian cannabis stock focused on cannabis-infused edible products and oil extracts for both the medical and recreational market. On October 8, the company announced it was entering into a novel cannabis market: beverages. The company “entered into an agreement with Xanthic Biopharma to manufacture and distribute their innovative cannabis-infused powdered drinks and other products in Colorado.

Phivida Holdings (CSE:VIDA)

Phivida works on CBD infused foods and beverages and clinical CBD products. Most recently the company announced an agreement with Namaste Technologies (CSE:N; OTCMKTS:NXTTF) to distribute their products in Germany and Australia.

“This Agreement represents a pilot project between both companies whereby Namaste will distribute Phivida’s proprietary CBD beverages and infused products within the designated territories,” the companies announced on their joint statement.

PUF Ventures (CSE:PUF)

PUF Ventures has a diversified portfolio of assets in the Canadian marijuana sector. It owns a passive, non-controlling interest in AAA Heidelberg, which is focused on using all-natural nutrients to grow healthy, pest-free plants.

AAA Heidelberg has had an MMPR application pending with Health Canada since 2013. Other ventures the company has invested in include 1313 Cigs, VapeTronix, and Weed Beacon. In late January, the  Canadian cannabis stock announced it had recommenced its development of the WeedBacon platform.

Quadron Capital Corporation (CSE:QCC)

Quadron works to help licensed producers in Canada with “complex needs and requirements” through equipment, products, and services. The company also offers dispensing devices and consumption products. The company has two subsidiaries in Soma Labs Scientific, Greenmantle, and Cybernetic Control Systems.

During its most recent financial disclosure, the Canadian cannabis stock announced an increase in revenue to $516,211 during their first quarter.

TerrAscend (CSE:TER)

Another fairly new member of the Canadian cannabis stocks is TerrAscend, who went public in May 2017 when it entered the Canadian Securities Exchange. The company’s subsidiary, Solace Health, is in the process of applying for an official licensing designation from Health Canada. Solace is host to a 67,000 square feet production facility

The company’s other subsidiary Terra Health Network is a research-based cannabinoid medical group, which wants to improve the medical cannabis solutions available for patients with chronic pain and debilitating illnesses.

THC Biomed (CSE:THC)

Next, on the Canadian cannabis stocks list is THC Biomed, who has been granted permission to conduct research and development for scientific purposes with medicinal marijuana. The company provides scientific and biotechnical services to current and potential licensed producers. In May 2016, Health Canada granted TCH BioMed a license to produce fresh marijuana, cannabis oil, and cannabis resin.

Tinley Beverage (CSE:TNY)

Tinley Beverage is the producer of Hemplify, a drinkable vitality supplement containing hemp extract made from the stalk of industrial hemp. The vegan, sugar-free drink is a source of electrolytes, vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. The company reported receiving its first orders for Hemplify products on March 10, 2016. In August 2016 the company launched its web store at and listed its flagship “Hemplify” product for sale on

True Leaf Medicine (CSE:MJ)

Canada-based True Leaf is slightly different than the afore-mentioned Canadian cannabis stocks; the company is focused on the production of hemp-based functional dog chews. In August 2016, the company secured the first order for its True Hemp pet products with Pets Corner, the second largest pet store chain in the United Kingdom. The store will sell the product in all of its 174 stores. The sale also means that True Hemp is now generating revenue on two continents – North America and Europe. “We’re on our way to becoming a truly global brand,” said CEO Darcy Bomford.

Valens GroWorks (CSE:VGW)

Located in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, our next Canadian cannabis stocks is Valens GroWorks, a “rapidly emerging” with a focus on cannabis cultivation and research. In November the company announced it had increased a private placement offer in order to advance the operational capability of its Kelowna Facility.

Veritas Pharma (CSE:VRT)

Veritas is working on fully understanding the medical capabilities of marijuana, the company’s mission is to find the most effective strains that target a specific disease condition. Veritas is using a specifically designed approach to their research where they chemically and pharmacologically profile the plant. As a last check, they completed a clinical study of each cultivar.

Vinergy Resources (CSE:VIN)

Vinergy is an oil and gas company, that acquired MJ BioPharma, a cannabis technology company focused on manufacturing breath strips, time release capsules, extract oils, food products, and infused juices, teas, coffee and extract drinks and pharmaceutical grade delivery systems.

The pair announced in February the had developed an oral cannabinoid complex delivery strips and controlled time release capsule technology. “We think time release capsules are extremely important as they help bridge the gap in terms of familiarity with many patients who want to switch from synthetic drugs to a natural product as a way to reduce side effects and drug,” said Mr. Kent Deuters, CEO of MJ Biopharma.

Vodis Pharmaceuticals (CSE:VP)

Vodis has medical and recreational marijuana business operations in both Canada and the United States. With facilities in BC and Washington State, Vodis is actively seeking expansion opportunities in other countries and US states.

In March, the company announced it, together with Our Church International, signed a 15-year licensing and marketing agreement. Later that month, Vodis announced construction had begun on its Bellingham cannabis facility. Following that, the Canadian cannabis stock  announced its USA-branded product had begun selling in Washington State. On June 20, Vodis announced a $5 million private placement financing.

Wildflower Marijuana (CSE:SUN)

Working exclusively in Washington State, Wildflower Marijuana lists in Canada, with a focus on developing and designing products in the cannabis sector.

On June 27, Wildflower announced that its products would soon be coming to–which shouldn’t come as a surprise. Earlier in June, the company announced a brand expansion into the American market.

Did we miss a company that you think should be included on the Canadian cannabis stocks list? Let us know in the comments!

This article has been updated since its original publication in 2016, with the most recent update done by Bryan Mc Govern.  

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Securities Disclosure: I, Jocelyn Aspa and Bryan Mc Govern, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

Editorial Disclosure: ABcann Global, Harvest One Cannabis, INDIVA, Invictus MD, Kalytera Therapeutics, Maple Leaf Green World, Naturally Splendid, The Supreme Cannabis Company, WeedMD, Beleave, Friday Night Inc., FinCanna Capital, Global Cannabis Application, High Hampton Holdings, HIKU Brands Company, Isodiol International, Lexaria Bioscience, MYM Nutraceuticals, PUF Ventures, Valens GroWorks and Vodis Pharmaceuticals are clients of the Investing News Network. This article is not paid-for content.

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  • Angela

    I TRIED to buy Organigram and was never able to make the buy…I went through Ameritrade…I closed my accou t with them due to this….or is this a usual problem?

    • Teresa

      Thanks for the tip! PUF, MJ and MGW have been added. LAG was mentioned alongside Naturally Splendid.

  • Not only the ones LISTED but ones that will be listed and getting in early before the IPO. Like Apothecary Labs. Wonderful products and a huge following and retail exposure.

  • Nice! I was looking for just this. I have some CGC, MT, OGI, and APH but was not aware of some of these other smaller companies.

    • We don’t provide recommendations. Best to talk with your investment advisor or broker.

  • Hello, Curious to know your thoughts on Nutritional High (symbol = EAT). Thank you!

  • Une personne qualifiée peux me donner une explication de la baisse rapide du stock PUF? Merci

    • Il ya souvent beaucoup de volatilité dans le prix des actions des petites entreprises. Le mieux est de les contacter directement pour plus d’informations. Désolé pour mon Google Translate français

  • You seem to have left off several: AZN, ACB,CNZ, OGI, MT, and TBP. I believe these are all on the TSX:V.

  • You forgot Valens Groworks, VGW on CSE. They are located in Kelowna and have just completed their final stage inspection pre licensing

  • Hi can you add Liberty Leaf, if their MOU in California goes through in a matter of days, “BOOOM” Look Out!

    • Thanks for mentioning them! Not sure how I missed them but I will be sure to include them.

  • A big one out there that is going to do very well is Emblem Corp.
    Can’t understand how this one was missed !

    • Apologies for the oversight, and thanks for pointing that out! I will be sure to add them to the list.

  • Anything about MYM Nutraceuticals Inc?

    They jump from 0.05 in december to 0,27 (around) today…


  • What about MYM Nutraceuticals Inc?

    Since December 2016, this title has seen an explosive growth, from 0.05 that it was at 0.26 at the close of trading yesterday …

    Can anyone explain this?

  • I follow nutritional high. (EAT) they have had some impressive gains. Ate they not big enough to endorse or are they a poor business model in this industry?

  • CGP took over MT and has been trading as WEED for the past 3 weeks. Your report is sadly outdated and I would request that it be updated. Joe

  • This is disappointing but the new timing of legalization is now predicted to be October 2018 (not Spring 2017) – thank Trudeau for dragging this out. I was anticipating my stocks (ACB, BE, WEED & OGI) to rise significantly this year but from what I see and hear it is unlikely going to happen.

    • Where did you hear it would be postponed until October? Please let us know your source, as I had heard springtime was when legalization would happen.

  • May be legalization announcements on 4/20 so I think the next rally will begin before that date, by Prime Minister Trudeau.

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