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The medical cannabis space is seeing a radical transformation. With new regulatory changes and supportive legislative actions, the incorporation of cannabis in the medical and pharmaceutical industries presents the perfect storm of investment opportunities that could completely change the game.

Analysts project the global medical cannabis market to reach upwards of US$44.4 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 22.9 percent. Leveraging these outstanding expectations, many pharmaceutical giants such as Novartis have already formed strong partnerships with big players in cannabis such as Tilray to develop and distribute medical cannabis in legal jurisdictions worldwide. With the collision of two major economic industries, investing in this unprecedented unity of cannabis and medical markets presents enormous investment upside potential at global scales.

Avicanna (TSX:AVCN) is a Canadian biopharmaceutical company since 2015 focused on evidence-based utility of cannabinoids and the commercialization of its premium branded medical cannabis products. Its expertly engineered vertically integrated business model and diversified and high-margin income streams are comprehensive, internationally scalable and incorporate strategic national partnerships, like Shoppers Drug Mart.

Avicanna’s Company Highlights

  • Avicanna is a vertically integrated biopharmaceutical company driving advancements of plant-based cannabinoid-based and medicinal-grade standardized products.
  • Avicanna is the first cannabis company to be accepted into Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS, in Toronto, Ontario. Placement in this scientific innovation center surrounds the company with some of the most prospective start-up companies pursuing new technologies and research platforms in medical care.
  • The recently commercialized company operates with diversified and high-margin income streams. It provides advanced and proprietary cannabinoid products across three categories: hemp-derived consumer retail products and medical cannabis products for commercial markets and a pharmaceutical pipeline in clinical development.
  • Avicanna’s organic and sustainable cultivation through its two large-scale Colombian subsidiaries were highest amongst global cannabis companies in the SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment issued by S&P Global.
  • The following steps for the company include launching RHO Phyto across retail channels in Canada, building deeper clinical and commercial relationships and furthering the commercialization of its cannabinoid products across international markets.

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