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4Front Ventures Corp. (CSE:FFNT,OTC:FFNTF) is a cannabis company designed for long-term success in the United States. The company intends to build upon its proven operations in Washington state through experienced leadership, a strategic asset base and a commitment to operational excellence.

4Front Ventures has established cannabis cultivation, production, manufacturing and retail operations across the United States, including six cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts. The company also has licenses in place enabling it to develop manufacturing facilities in both Arizona and California.

4Front Ventures first established its cannabis operations in Washington state, including a full line of branded products. The company owns the #1 edibles manufacturer and the #2 producer of flower in the state, resulting in the second-largest market share in Washington. In May 2020, 4Front Ventures announced its financial results for 2019 and Q1 2020, reporting systemwide pro forma sales of $63.5 million in 2019. The $23.8 million generated by 4Front Ventures in Q1 2020 represents a 36 percent increase over the previous quarter’s totals.

4Front Ventures first established its Washington cultivation and production operations in 2012. Over the next several years, 4Front Ventures has worked to establish state-leading operations at scale in one of the most competitive cannabis markets in the world. 4Front Ventures’ proven operational capabilities in Washington state have provided the company with a business model that it feels can be replicated in similar US cannabis markets. Moving forward, 4Front Ventures aims to replicate its business model in Washington state in emerging US cannabis markets such as Illinois, Massachusetts, California and Michigan.

Collectively 4Front Ventures has established over 60,000 square feet of cannabis cultivation space across its Elma and Tumwater operations in Washington. The company’s 40,000 square foot Tumwater production and packaging facility has captured a leading market share across the Washington edibles industry and the second-largest share of Washington’s dried cannabis market.

4Front Ventures products

4Front Ventures oversees cultivation, production, manufacturing and retail operations across the United States. The company currently operates six cultivation and manufacturing facilities in Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts, with licenses in place to develop product manufacturing facilities in Arizona and California. 4Front Ventures also operates a 94,000-square-foot cultivation and manufacturing facility in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and is currently building a 190,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Commerce City, California.

4Front’s wellness division in California currently sells CBD products online throughout the US with a full line of CBD and THC wellness products available through retail stores. The wellness division also offers an overnight cannabis delivery service, with a network that covers approximately 93 percent of California’s operations.

4front opened its second Mission Dispensary in December 2020 in Calumet City, Illinois. The 3,000 square foot facility is the closest dispensary to the Indiana state line.

Leo Gontmakher, the architect of 4Front Ventures’ initial success in Washington state, was promoted to CEO of the company in March 2020 and is expected to lead 4Front Ventures forward based on the company’s Washington model. In addition to his experience with 4Front, Gontmakher co-founded Northwest Cannabis Solutions, a Washington State cannabis company that grew to become one of the largest producers of cannabis products in the state. Moving forward, Gontmakher intends to drive cash flow by focusing on the performance of the company’s main operations. “4Front’s core assets are in adult-use markets and afford us the opportunity to meaningfully expand our cultivation and manufacturing capabilities, most notably in Illinois, Massachusetts and California in the future,” said Gontmakher. “This focus allows us to allocate capital to core businesses that can achieve significant, near-term cash flow.”

4Front Ventures Company Highlights

  • Proven cannabis cultivation, production and packaging business model established in Washington state, with supporting distribution channels
  • 4Front owns or operates five cultivation facilities across three states: Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington.
  • Generated $23.8 in systemwide pro forma sales in Q1 2020, an increase of 36 percent over the previous quarter
  • 4Front production division owns over 20 brands across more than 300 SKUs, which are distributed to over 60 percent of Washington’s cannabis retailers.
  • Facility in Tumwater, Washington manufactures more than 100,000 extract cartridges, 200,000 edible packs, and 200,000 pre-rolls per month.
  • Wellness brand Pure Ratios offer an award-winning 96-hour pain relief patch, the first and only pain management product of its kind
  • Pure Ratio topical delivery products are offered in both CBD and THC formulations
  • Expanding its product lines across the United States, including top-sellers in Washington state such as the company’s infused Terp Stix
  • Regulatory expertise stems from its initial advisory and licensing business. The company’s regulatory team has helped its clients secure more than 60 operating licenses across several states.
  • CEO Leo Gontmakher was instrumental in 4Front Ventures’ early growth in Washington, is expected to lead the company’s expansion across the US

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