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Creating Value-Added Customer Experiences in British Columbia


Positive shifts in the North American cultural perception of cannabis use are leading to rapid economic growth amongst licensed cannabis retailers. Sales of cannabis products from licensed retailers in British Columbia, Canada, alone rose from C$4.2 million in June 2019 to C$29.4 million in June 2020. Things are also looking up in the US, as the Biden presidency is expected to be positive for cannabis.

Quantum 1 Cannabis (CSE:QQ) is a premier cannabis retailer based in British Columbia. Focused on delivering value-added customer experiences, premium products and unparalleled service and education, this revenues generating business model primes the company for immense success as a leader in the BC cannabis market. Quantum 1 currently holds six retail licenses.

The company currently has strategic positioning in the booming BC cannabis market. In 2020, the company recorded C$2,475,000 in revenue. It forecasts revenue of C$8,875,000 in 2021 and C$26,500,000 the following year.

Quantum 1 leverages the support and resource networks of its parent company, Quizam Media, a media company focused on training in the cannabis space that pivoted to the retail market. Years of specialized educational success working with Fortune 500 companies worldwide primed the company to begin producing cannabis learning videos for the BC Liquor and Cannabis regulation Branch (LCRB) when Canada saw the legalization of cannabis in 2018.

“And getting into cannabis training, we came across an opportunity to pivot into cannabis and we found ourselves with six retail licenses, which are hard to get in British Columbia. Using our expertise and management to supercharge a company like this, I mean, there’s certain aspects of the retail play, that require management, tracking, computerization training, those are things that are in our wheelhouse, very, very simple to do,” commented Quantum CEO Russ Rossi when discussing Quizam’s shift to retail cannabis.

Quantum 1’s mission is to be a retail cannabis industry leader with a unique offering for consumers and partners that is energizing, educational and, above all, an exceptionally positive experience. The dedicated team of passionate educators provide customers with best practices and cannabis expertise but also an added learning angle that works to help demystify cannabis as it was once taboo topic.

Quantum’s 12 month plan includes opening up additional centers as part of a province-wide expansion plan. The company has recently acquired a new location in Vancouver and is looking to expand further in addition to its five existing BC retail locations.

Quantum 1 Cannabis’ management team combines years of expertise in cannabis markets, education and retail success. It’s background with Quizam primes the company for substantial economic prosperity and presents an entry opportunity valuation for investors seeking exposure to the next wave of cannabis stock and growth.

Company Highlights

  • Quantum 1 Cannabis is a premier cannabis retailer based in British Columbia, Canada. Leveraging the booming markets and positive cultural trends towards cannabis use primes the company for economic success.
  • Its parent company Quizam Media offers a unique advantage with its background in cannabis education and emphasis on learning. This angle provides Quantum 1 customers with a value-added retail experience.
  • In 2020, the company reported C$2,475,000 in revenue. It forecasts revenue of C$8,875,000 in 2021 and C$26,500,000 the following year.
  • Quantum currently has six retail licenses with plans to expand its retail center operations in the near future.

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