Want to Own the Iron Throne? You’ll Have to Pay the Price

- April 12th, 2019

How much would the controversial Game of Thrones power seat be worth if it was constructed using gold, uranium, copper, silver or diamonds?

This article contains spoilers for “Game of Thrones” seasons one through seven.

Forged with 1,000 surrendered swords upon the request of Aegon “The Conqueror” Targaryen, the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms has captivated audiences since HBO launched the critically acclaimed series “Game of Thrones” (GoT) in 2011.

Ahead of the debut of the eighth and final season, the Investing News Network has decided to delve into the cult phenomenon to see what an Iron Throne cast in various materials and minerals would be worth.

While information about the throne used on set is scarce, earlier this month AT&T announced it is offering a chance to win an exact replica of the seat reserved for the rightful king or queen of Westeros.


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Designed by production management company Traction Creative, the duplicate throne weighs in at 310 pounds, stands more than 7 feet high and costs US$18,000.

If the Iron Throne was constructed today using the current iron ore price of US$93.60 per tonne, it would cost US$12.73 — not including time and labor, of course.

This got us wondering: How much would the controversial power seat be worth if it was constructed using popular resources such as gold, uranium, copper, silver or diamonds? Read on to find out.


A golden throne may seem like the appropriate and most natural choice for a triumphant ruler to sit on; however, with gold trading for close to US$1,300 an ounce it would be very costly.

The throne’s 310 pound weight converts to 4,960 ounces, which at current prices would cost roughly US$6,414,272.

Gold has been featured in GoT in association with royalty. In season one, Viserys Targaryen demands that Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo give him a golden crown, part of the deal Viserys has made with Khal Drogo to secure the Iron Throne for himself.

However, instead Khal Drogo pours molten gold over Viserys’ head, exclaiming, “A crown for a king.”

Gold is also the metal of choice for currency in the Seven Kingdoms, which use a golden dragon coin.

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Aside from iron and gold, copper is one of the few metals actually mentioned on GoT. The Copper King is referred to during season two, and he has interactions with Daenerys Targaryen.


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Copper star coins are also a featured as monetary units throughout the Seven Kingdoms.

If a copper throne was constructed, it would run you a modest US$908.30, with copper prices sitting at just under US$3 per pound.

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The shiny precious metal is also used as currency in Westeros. The silver stag coin’s value falls between that of the high-end golden dragon coin and that of the copper star coin.

Silver is also the name of the horse Daenerys was gifted by Khal Drogo on their wedding day.

A silver throne may not be as showy as a solid gold chair; however, it is much more affordable. At about US$15 per ounce, a silver throne would cost approximately US$75,689.60.

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While U3O8 is radioactive, this volatile metal may be perfect for some of the show’s more duplicitous and cold characters, particularly those in King’s Landing. Over Q1 of 2019, uranium performed flatly, losing and gaining roughly US$3 over the three month period.

If the Iron Throne was forged in uranium using the current spot price of US$25.75 per pound, it would cost US$7,982.50. Ignoring the radioactive part, this is quite the deal compared to the over US$6 million gold throne.

There are no instances of uranium in GoT, but the green glow of the uncontrollable wildfire that was used to destroy the Sept of Baelor does have an eerie similarity.


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Of all the gems, diamonds are the ones most associated with royalty and opulence, so it only seemed fitting to include them in the list.

A diamond throne would contain 703,067.6 carats of gems. Using a per carat price of US$83, the cost of lower-end rough diamonds, the throne’s price would come to US$58,354,610.80.

The gems of choice in the Seven Kingdoms seem to be rubies, which were included in Joffrey Barratheon’s crown and are seen in the pommels of swords and daggers.

One important resource in Westeros that may have a similar value to diamonds is dragonglass, which has been a topic throughout the show’s run. Dragonglass features prominently in season seven, when Jon Snow asks Daenerys if he can mine the dragonglass in a cave beneath Dragonstone to make weapons.

Valyrian steel also deserves an honorable mention as a very valuable resource. Forged using dragon fire, Valyrian steel was used to cast the most coveted and regal swords.

Of course, the mythical throne, which sits inside King’s Landing’s Red Keep, is priceless and has led to a longstanding war between House Lannister and House Targaryen, with allies of both houses caught (and killed) in the middle, making it impossible to put a value on.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Georgia Williams, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.


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