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Tungsten Enjoying Price Stability

Powder Metallurgy Review reported that tungsten prices have stabilized in recent months. At the moment, ammonium paratungstate (APT), the intermediate material of tungsten, is selling for about $372 to $382 per 10 kilograms.

Recycling Cobalt – Sustainable and Affordable

The United States has no domestic production – it is 100 percent dependent on imports for its supply of primary cobalt meaning that if developers want to continue using the mineral they will have to find new sources, like recycling existing batteries.

With the recent strong support for electric vehicles the

Tungsten Price Pushes to Historic Highs

A lack of supply has been driving up the price of tungsten on the world market. The further reduction of exports from China is only exacerbating the problem. As new uses and the economic recovery take off new mining will have to make up the difference or severe shortages will

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