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September 18, 2019

Brent Cook: Exploration Will be the Next Big Gold Trend

Brent Cook offers his thoughts on the next top trend in mining, where the gold price is headed and Australian...
September 2, 2019

Onwards and Upwards: Gold Price Outstrips Predictions

INN asked experts for their updated outlook on the direction of the gold price in 2019 as the yellow metal...
August 15, 2019

Best Gold Stocks of 2019 on the TSX – Q2

Looking for the best gold stocks? These TSX-listed gold companies have seen the biggest year-to-date gains so far in 2019.
August 11, 2019

Gold Stocks and Gold Production: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to invest in gold stocks? Here’s a breakdown of why it could be a smart idea and how to...
August 7, 2019

VIDEO — Brent Cook: Gold is Rising, Don’t Make This Mistake

"I think dollar down, gold up," Cook said in an interview at the sidelines of the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium.
April 14, 2019

VIDEO — 5 Mining Trends You Might be Missing

We asked resource industry experts what trends in the space investors may be overlooking. Here's what they said.
April 1, 2019

VIDEO Round-Up: Resources at PDAC 2019

PDAC is over, and now it's time to look back on what experts said at the show. Here's a full...