September 12, 2016

How High Can Silver Go in 2016?

The silver price is currently on a tear. But how high can silver go in 2016?
August 7, 2013

PALL Beating Both GLD and SLV

NASDAQ reported that the ETFS Physical Palladium Shares (NYSE:PALL) is up 3.4 percent this year, unlike the SPDR Gold Shares...
June 29, 2011

Silver Stocks Stable as Industrial Demand Remains Strong

The Bedford Report released research on Silvercorp Metals (NYSE:SVM,TSE:SVM) and an outlook for the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV).
May 3, 2011

Osama bin Laden’s Death: Impact on Commodities Markets?

Since the news on Sunday of Osama bin Laden’s death, many commodities, especially precious metals, has been marked by high...
February 21, 2011

Silver Prices: Backwardation and Manipulation

The biggest story in the silver market is not the price gains, but rather a condition of backwardation in the...
November 29, 2010

Silver Prices on the Rise despite Ireland Debt Crisis Bailout

In uncertain times, investors shy away from bold assets and play it safe with what they know to be solid;...
November 23, 2010

ETFs: Double Edged Sword for Silver Prices

Silver ETFs have widened the playing field for many previously locked-out investors. On the flip side, this investment innovation may...