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Data Investment Facts

Data Investment Facts

The data market is vast and can be somewhat complicated. In that regard, here is a brief overview of data investment facts for those looking to jump into the sector.

Why Invest in Cybersecurity?

Why Invest in Cybersecurity?

As more people use the Internet, the cybersecurity market is becoming increasingly instrumental. Here’s a brief overview of why cybersecurity investing is worth looking into.

5 Top Social Media Stocks

5 Top Social Media Stocks

Social media investing has transformed how the world connects. Here’s a look at the five top companies, according to data from Alexa, driving this new era of online connectivity.

nFusz Releases First Video-Based CRM

nFusz (OTCQB:FUSZ) has announced that it has released notifiCRM, a commercial version of its interactive video-based customer relationship management and sales lead-gen tool.

As quoted in the press release:
Marketing professionals have long known the power of video to engage an audience and with recent advances in technology, more and more online

APT Systems, Inc. has applied to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

APT Systems (OTCP:APTY) has announced it has initiated a submission to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance for membership.

As quoted in the press release:
Now the world’s largest open source Blockchain initiative, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance claims 150 partners as Blockchain expands its impact on future of commerce, with companies such as Microsoft

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