Uranium Stock Index: Created for Investors

Following the successes and growth of a great year for Dig Media ’s Resource Investing News Network during 2010, last month we successfully introduced a number of exciting new tools for our Resource Investing News readers: The Gold Stock Index on Gold Investing News and the Silver Stock Index on Silver Investing News.  We are confident that these investing resources will continue to demonstrate our top quality editorial commitment to add value and further expand content and tools for our readership.  This week we are pleased to announce the launch the Uranium Stock Index on Uranium Investing News.

The primary objective for these initiatives is to provide relevant, dynamic and informative on-line resources for investors about the latest news and trends impacting the market.  The Uranium Stock Index will help to support that goal and the constituents will include a proprietary composite of small cap uranium miners and exploration companies that are generating news and investment interest.  This will permit readers to monitor their current portfolio holdings or watch lists to compare their performance with our benchmark.

The Uranium Stock Index is a market capitalization weighted index of companies that are producing, exploring or developing uranium resources as their primary business focus. The companies featured are often reported on by Uranium Investing News, and offered as publicly traded companies a variety of Stock Exchanges. We are focusing on companies with a market capitalization of less than $2 billion, thus exposing broadly based market trends without skewing the data towards companies with larger operational scale. This will additionally offer readers the ability to their own securities and benchmark market volatility.

We will be rebalancing the Index constituents monthly based on how often they are covered on Uranium Investing News to ensure current trends and relevant uranium companies are included. We work closely with leading uranium companies to feature key projects and personnel in educational profiles that are linked to the company names listed in the Index.

We will continue to refine the Index into a relevant metric that allows investors to educate themselves on the small cap uranium market. The Index will collect data and show market trends giving users a more comprehensive view of what is happening in the market.

Please feel free to share your comments about any of our benchmark Indexes with us, including the Silver Stock Index and the Gold Stock Index, as over the coming months we will be launching more commodity indices on other Resource Investing News Network sites.

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