Investing in Uranium: A Glowing Recommendation

The Daily Reckoning reports on investing in the uranium markets.

One of the best investments we can make right now is to buy into supplies of relatively secure, low-cost uranium – the feedstock for nuclear reactors. The simple story is that the uranium supply trails far behind demand. The added wrinkle is that supply cannot easily increase.

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  • Really enjoyed reading this article, great job!

    Is there any way we could discuss further?? I am involved with a rare earth project located in Turkey and it be good to chat.



  • There was no “withdrawal of a major equipment supplier due to worries about the safety of the refinery being built by Australian company Lynas Corp. (ASX:LYC).”

    No major supplier withdrew, and not for that reason.  A well know supplier was dropped because they don’t apply their product and do not guarantee the application of their product.  A supplier was used that did guarantee the application of their product.

    Would you kindly confirm this and print a retraction

    • The information was taken from another source, as per the link in the article…click on that link and see the third paragraph on the New York Times article (perhaps NY Times would need to print a retraction?).


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