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Companies that trade on the OTC tend to be younger and smaller—but with a willingness to pioneer new paths. And in the medical device industry, many are at work on innovative projects that have the potential to capture major market share.

Everyone wants to get in on the ground floor—and over the counter (OTC) stocks offer an opportunity to do just that. Companies that trade securities OTC tend to be younger and smaller—but with a willingness to pioneer new paths. And in the medical device industry, many are at work on innovative projects that have the potential to capture major market share.
Take the following five top medical device stocks. Operating in arenas like electrophysiology or blood filtration, each of these companies is developing products that could make major waves when approved.

1. Aethlon Medical (OTCQB:AEMD, NASDAQ:AEMD)

Aethlon Medical has already proven their pioneering spirit: the company made the ADAPT System. This platform technology enables select biologic agents to immobilized, thereby assisting the drug development process.
“The Aetholon ADAPT system provides the drug industry a new regulatory and commercialization pathway for their monoclonal antibodies and affinity drug agents,” CEO Jim Joyce said in 2011, when the platform was first introduced.
Building on ADAPT, the company is now at work on a medical device that will reduce instances of sepsis in soldiers. That product is being developed under a contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
They’re also working on the Hemopurifier, which will function alongside the ADAPT system. This new device has had success treating Ebola—and as a result, Time magazine called it one of “11 Most Remarkable Advances in Healthcare.”

2. BioSig Technologies (OTCQB:BSGM)

The electrophysiology (EP) market is worth around four billion dollars, and that number just keeps increasing. In fact, the EP segment is considered one of the fastest growing areas of medical device research and development.
So it’s no wonder that BioSig Technologies is so excited about the space. This company has spent years developing the PURE EP System, a product that could disrupt the market if approved.
The PURE EP system combines a surface electrocardiogram and intracardiac multichannel recording/analysis functionalities in order to better detect ablation targets. (Those are areas that create arrhythmia and therefore require treatment.) Some 14.4 million American experience cardiac arrhythmias—so the demand for the PURE EP system could be huge.
BioSig is seeking FDA 510(k) clearance for the product, which will put it on a faster track to commercialization.

3. Mauna Kea Technologies (OTCQX:MKEAF)

Mauna Kea Technologies was founded by an astrophysicist: Sacha Loiseau spent his early adulthood building technologies that can image objects in space. Then he turned to earthly pursuits: specifically, medical imaging.
With Loiseau at the helm, Mauna Kea developed Cellvizio—what their website bills as “the world’s smallest microscope.” It’s a non-invasive alternative to biopsies, allowing physicians and researchers to examine cells inside the body.
Interest in the product is growing: according to a recent press release, the company shipped 32 Cellvizio systems in the first six months of 2016. Sales are up by 11 percent.
Going forward, Mauna Kea remains committed to marketing Cellvizio and furthering its adoption worldwide.

4. Echo Therapeutics (OTCQB:ECTE)

“Echo is changing the blood glucose monitoring industry forever”: so declares this company’s website. It’s a bold claim, but one Echo seems positioned to back up. There are no needles involved its products—a major revolution.
First, an exfoliator prepares the skin for analysis. Then a sensor is applied, which reads glucose levels through the dermis and transmits data to the cloud.
The NextGen system, as it’s known, is currently in clinical trials. But Echo already sees widespread applications: although designed to manage diabetes, the product can also assist with weight loss, athletic training and overall health.

5. Miramar Labs (OTCQB:MRLB)

With a focus on dermatological conditions, Miramar Labs develops devices that have both aesthetic and medical applications. Take their miraWave technology platform: it can reduce excess body hair and treat hyperhidrosis.
The product is a major innovation in that it can target hair of any color, on any skin tone.
Clearly, that opens a wide market of potential consumers—and indeed, Miramar Labs has reported solid financial results recently. In the second quarter of 2016, the company saw revenues increase by 47 percent.
Miramar Labs has also generated a lot of popular publicity through its products: miraWave technology has been featured on The Rachel Ray Show and appeared on the cover of The Aesthetic Guide.

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