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July 12, 2018

Silver Price Update: Q2 2018 in Review

What happened to silver in Q2 2018? Our silver price update outlines key market developments and explores what could happen...
June 12, 2018

When Will Silver Go Up?

Many investors are asking themselves, “when will silver go up?” Unfortunately it's tough to get a straight answer, even from...
April 12, 2018

Silver Industrial Demand Set to Increase in 2018

Silver industrial demand rebounded in 2017 and this upward trend is likely to continue, says Johann Wiebe, lead analyst for...
January 18, 2018

Silver Price in for a “Volatile Ride” in 2018

The Silver Institute says in a new report that the white metal will see price volatility this year after falling...
December 4, 2017

Silver Outlook 2018: Price May Rise Quickly Once Triggered

What's the silver outlook for 2018? Overall market watchers are calling for slightly higher prices as the white metal follows...
November 30, 2017

Silver Trends 2017: Physical Surplus for First Time in Four Years

What were the main silver trends of 2017? In this article we run through the year's key supply, demand and...
October 4, 2017

Silver Price Update: Q3 2017 in Review

How did silver perform in Q3, and what are analysts saying about the future supply, demand and pricing? Our silver...
August 1, 2017

Maria Smirnova: The Silver Market Today and How to Pick Stocks

Maria Smirnova of Sprott Asset Management outlines where silver is at today and how investors can profit.
June 21, 2017

Silver Mining and Exploration in Canada

Silver mining and exploration are important in Canada, and investors interested in the space should be aware of a few...
May 22, 2017

Silver Mining in Mexico

Which companies have Mexico silver mines? We've put together a brief overview that includes producers, plus explorers and developers.