January 13, 2020

Energy Demand Fueling Southeast Asia’s Emerging Oil and Gas Industry

Increasing energy demands in Southeast Asia are driving new oil and gas discoveries and attracting the investment needed to build...
March 19, 2019

Boralex Steps Back from Vents de Dunkerque Project

Boralex has backed down on the project “after a careful review amid changes in [the] tender’s competitive conditions and risk...
September 24, 2018

Total Reports Major Gas Discovery Offshore UK

The major gas finding in the Glendronach prospect, located West of Shetland, was made during an exploration of the area.
May 17, 2018

Total Set to Exit Iran Gas Deal if Sanctions Not Waived

Total, one of France’s largest energy producers, has announced it will shut down its operations in Iran by November if...
May 7, 2018

Libya Withholds Total’s Share of Waha Oil While Sale is Examined

Libya’s National Oil Corporation has been withholding Total's share of crude oil from the Waha concession over an ongoing dispute.
January 8, 2018

Burning Oil Tanker at Risk of Exploding Off China's East Coast

The Panama-registered tanker known as Sanchi was carrying 136,000 tonnes of condensate, a type of light oil, from Iran to...
January 1, 2018

Oil and Gas Opportunities in Mexico

After years of underinvestment, Mexico’s energy reform policies are creating investment opportunities for the world’s oil and gas exploration companies.