Tag: Don Coxe

October 10, 2013

Taking Stock: Q3 2013 Gold Juniors Round-Up

Over the summer, drill programs were started and completed, attractive drill results were published, and several companies completed either financings...
October 1, 2013

Why Don Coxe Expects Gold to Soar on Good Economic News

The standard wisdom on gold is that it does well in times of economic bad news such as in the...
November 7, 2012

Gold Rises, Then Falls on Obama Win; Stock Markets Turn Negative

Barack Obama's reelection has not resulted in the immediate pick-up for gold that metals experts were predicting.
March 23, 2012

Gold Prices React to Manufacturing in China and Europe

Gold prices contracted slightly this week , to the lowest price since January, primarily due to reports of weaker manufacturing...
February 24, 2012

Gold Prices Rising on Inflationary Risk

Gold prices have surged with the aid of inflationary risks on price of crude oil trading above $120 per barrel...
October 31, 2011

Mining Business Risks Summit

The second annual Mining Business Risks Summit organized by The Fraser Institute and CRU Group was held in Toronto, October...
October 27, 2011

Retail Bank Investing in Junior Gold Analyst

In the wider context of central banks direct gold investment and gold price volatility within the shorter term, a noteworthy...