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May 19, 2011

Coal Mining in Canada

Canada is a significant coal producer and plays a dominant role as a transmission point for North American coal heading...
May 5, 2011

American Coal Landscape in Merger and Acquisition Revival

Arch Coal’s cash purchase of International Coal Group this week represents what is expected to be commonplace within the metallurgical...
February 21, 2011

The Coal-Oil Market Connection

With a rise in crude oil prices, the price of coal has tagged along for the ride, but will likely...
January 5, 2011

Coal Market Trends of 2010

Global demand for coal drove prices up in 2010, and this trend should continue in coming years, due in part...
January 28, 2010

Coal Market Leaps To Life

Coal prices firm up.
January 5, 2010

Coal Prices To Jump 10% In 2010

Coal companies are locking in some advantageous deals, as the broad economy juggernaut rallies forth. Look out for coal stocks...
December 14, 2009

China Seizing The Moment?

China's promises to clean up its act on a clean climate could well go up in smoke and add to...