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Amorphous graphite is found as extremely small, crystal-like particles in beds of mesomorphic rocks like coal, slate and shale, and its carbon content depends on that of its parent material. When found in coal it is the result of the thermal metamorphism of coal, and is referred to as meta-anthracite. However, unlike coal, amorphous graphite is not used as fuel as it is difficult to ignite.

According to Riddle, amorphous graphite that is marketable today typically ranges in purity from 70 to 90 percent. “You can’t afford to upgrade it if you are to be cost effective,” he said.


Amorphous graphite is used in the refractories industry to manufacture crucibles, ladles, molds, nozzles and troughs that can withstand very high temperatures, particularly the casting of steel. Indeed, the electrodes used in many electrical metallurgical furnaces, including the electric arc furnaces used in steel processing, are manufactured from graphite. Furthermore, in the production of steel itself, graphite is used as a carbon raiser to strengthen steel. It’s also used in blast furnace linings for the production of iron because of its high thermal conductivity.

Aside from the refractories industry, amorphous graphite is also used in brake linings, gaskets and clutch materials. Additionally, amorphous graphite is used in foundry facing mold wash, where it helps ease the separation of casted objects from molds. Finally, low-quality amorphous graphite, mostly from China, is used to make pencil lead.

Graphite Mining in the US

Graphite Mining in the US

The US currently produces no graphite, and many are wondering if graphite mining in the US will happen. Here’s an overview of the situation.

Big North Graphite: Zeroing in on El Tejon Post-Flinders

Flinders Resources’ acquisition of Big North Graphite fell through last fall. However, Big North has by no means been inactive since then. Here President and CEO Spiro Kletas discusses what the company has been up to and why it’s dedicating all its resources to the El Tejon project.

Big North Graphite Sells 125 Tons of Amorphous Graphite

Big North Graphite Corp. (TSXV:NRT) sold 125 tons of amorphous graphite in the month of November, with the graphite screened to a ¾ minus product at the Company’s processing facility located in Sonora, Mexico. In preparation for expanding its sales, the Company stockpiled over 500 tons of amorphous graphite.

Battery Metals in 2018

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