5 Top Genetics Stocks to Watch

- September 3rd, 2018

The genetics industry provides information that biotech, pharma and medical device companies need to continue making innovative products. Here’s a look at a few top genetics stocks.

From diagnostics to drug development, the genetics industry provides information that biotech, pharma and medical device companies need to continue making innovative products.

That’s why we’re counting down some significant players in genetics and genomics — companies that splice and edit their days away, developing technologies and tests that are key for the life science sector.

The following five companies vary in size, specialize in different areas and are working on myriad innovative products. Without further ado, here are five of the top genetic stocks to watch.

The newest developments in genetics investing

Find out what to watch for in the world of genetics

1. Myriad Genetics (NASDAQ:MYGN)

Market cap: US$3.45 billion

Myriad Genetics has been around a long time — it was founded in 1991, before the human genome was sequenced. The company specializes in molecular diagnostics, and its products include molecular tests for autoimmune disorders, depression, hereditary and urological cancers and other diseases.

The company currently has 14 tests on the market and 12 diagnostic tests in its pipeline, eight of which are in Stage 3, on the cusp of deployment. The tests span a large spectrum, and among other things relate to dermatology, oncology, urology, women’s health and autoimmune diseases.

Over the past five years, Myriad has invested $341.7 million into research and development, and it bills itself as the top molecular diagnostics company.

2. Seattle Genetics (NYSE:SGEN)

Market cap: US$12.2 billion

Seattle Genetics describes itself as an “emerging multi-product, global biotechnology company.” This comparatively new firm develops and commercializes cancer-related therapies. Its flagship product is ADCETRIS®, which is approved for the treatment of several types of CD30-expressing lymphomas.

The company’s areas of research include antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology and sugar-engineered antibody (SEA) technology. It has numerous products in its pipeline, and says it is focused on further expanding ADCETRIS®, as well as addressing “significant unmet medical needs” through a new generation of targeted, empowered therapies.

3. Cancer Genetics (NASDAQ:CGIX)

Market cap: US$25.53 million

Cancer Genetics offers diagnostic services and products related to oncology. The company is aiming to transform patient management, reduce costs in healthcare and increase the efficacy of treatments. Cancer Genetics is an international company with locations in the US, China and India.

The newest developments in genetics investing

Find out what to watch for in the world of genetics

One of its many specialty tests is its Tissue of Origin® test, which helps identify the origin of a tumor using microarray-based gene expression detection. According to the company, the test is the only FDA-approved test of its kind and is eligible for Medicare coverage, making it that much more accessible to patients and thereby more likely to be their selection of choice.

4. Atossa Genetics (NASDAQ:ATOS)

Market cap: US$10.9 million

Atossa Genetics is a clinical-stage drug company focused specifically on therapies for breast cancer and other breast conditions. It develops proprietary therapeutics and delivery methods towards this cause.

The company is currently developing endoxifen, a new drug that will be applied on the breast as a lotion. This product is being pitched as a preventative medicine to be used by those with “high breast density” to reduce the risk of tumors forming.

Atossa’s patented microcatheter technology is another product in its pipeline. The microcathether delivers medicine directly to the cancerous area in the breast by entering the breast tissue via the nipple with a microscopic-sized catheter. The company says this will reduce the number of side effects in the body when compared with drugs delivered via the bloodstream.

5. Invitae (NASDAQ:NVTA)

Market cap: US$978.41 million

Invitae is last on this list of top genetics stocks. It is a genetics information company whose aim is to push the field of medicine at large to use genetic testing and information to create personalized medicine, more specific treatments and preventative procedures.

The firm specializes in genetic diagnostics and has a vast portfolio that holds software tools, laboratory processes, genetics testing and analysis, to name a few. Invitae has diagnostic tests for hereditary cancer, metabolic disorders, neurological and cardiovascular disorders, pediatric and developmental disorders, miscarriage analysis and preimplantation and carrier screening for inherited disorders.

Which of these top genetics stocks would you invest in and why? Tell us in the comments.

This is an updated version of an article originally published by the Investing News Network in 2016.

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The newest developments in genetics investing

Find out what to watch for in the world of genetics

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