During the past trading week (January 21 to 25), investors in Vancouver were treated to a closer look into the most recent trend in cannabis investing.

Meanwhile, Green Growth Brands (CSE:GGB) put its official offer on the table for its intended acquisition of a leading Canadian licensed producer (LP), while the leak of a Super Bowl commercial asking for marijuana reform in the US also made headlines throughout the week.

Here’s a closer look at what some of the biggest news was during last week’s trading period.


Cannabis - Will The Fortune 500 Join The Party?

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Investor attention moving to US plays in marijuana market

As cannabis shareholders look for emerging growth areas of investment the Canaccord Genuity Group’s (TSX:CF) “Growth Investor Day” event on Tuesday (January 22) displayed a new favourite of the industry: multi-state operators (MSOs) of cannabis assets in the US.

As more states open the doors to legalized marijuana programs, investors have shifted their attention to emerging opportunities in the much discussed MSOs, with Matt Bottomley, director of equity research and cannabis analyst with Canaccord, even awarding Curaleaf (CSE:CURA) as his top stock pick for the year.

“We expect more volatility as markets evolve but clearly as the markets all over the world continue to de-risk and evolve we expect a lot of winners in the space to see valuations even substantially higher than where they are today,” Bottomley said during his opening remarks at the event.

Green Growth formalizes offer for Aphria

After announcing its intentions to the market and even outlining what is real offer would look like, on Tuesday Green Growth formalized its takeover bid for Canadian LP Aphria (NYSE:APHA;TSX:APHA).

“We are also determined to protect Aphria shareholders from opportunistic offers that fail to reflect the substantial value and growth prospects we have built at Aphria,” Irwin Simon, chair of the independent board said to shareholders, said after the company asked its shareholders to not act on the offer before Aphria shares its recommendation.

The offer remains the same with Aphria investors getting 1.5714 common shares of Green Growth per APHA share. Green Growth instated a time frame limit from Wednesday (January 23) to May 9.

Super Bowl ads and surveys on state of the industry

After a commercial from Acreage Holdings (CSE:ACRG) advocating for the legalization of marijuana in the US was barred from airing at the Super Bowl by the CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS), the ad has now surfaced on YouTube.

The ad depicts three cases of medical marijuana patients using products for the the treatment of seizures, as an opioid replacement and for pain management.

In a statement emailed to the Investing News Network (INN), Kevin Murphy, CEO of Acreage, said the decision by the American network to reject the commercial “represents the exact issue we are tackling.”

On Monday (January 21), Horizons ETFs Management shared the results to its quarterly survey of advisors and investors on their sentiment for different sectors in the public space.

Steve Hawkins, president and CEO of Horizons ETFs, said the post-legalization correction had caused a “more reserved attitude” towards marijuana investing moving into 2019.

According to the survey results, both advisors and investors of the public space have expressed a “steep loss of positive expectation” for the cannabis sector, with only 31 percent of respondents signalling to a positive outlook on pot stocks at the start of 2019.


Cannabis - Will The Fortune 500 Join The Party?

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As CannaTrust secures win in Ontario, CEO tells INN about strategy moving forward

After months of doubt and speculation, CannTrust Holdings (TSX:TRST) resolved a lagging conflict related to its phase 3 expansion in Pelham, Ontario.

The company was hit with uncertainty from investors and analysts after the city council for Pelham passed a bylaw preventing the planned expansion, along any other development of land for cannabis use, from being completed for one year, in October.

On Tuesday (January 22), CannTrust informed shareholders it had come to an understanding with Pelham and would make improvements to its facility’s construction to prevent any conflict.

As CannTrust recently launched an application to obtain a listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and become the fourth Canadian LP to join the senior listing, INN talked with Peter Aceto, CEO of the LP.

Aceto, who joined the company in October last year, explained how CannTrust’s path differs from other cannabis producers in its self-described methodical approach.

“We want to be bold, we want to be aggressive but we want to be thoughtful then precise and we want to make sure that we have the ability to execute on all the things that we do,” said Aceto. “Rushing at the door and spending lots of money for us doesn’t seem like a prudent approach.”

Market updates

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB;TSX:ACB) told Yahoo Finance Canada its US strategy for the hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) market will be unveiled “over the next several months.”

“[Australis Capital (CSE:AUSA) is] assembling a suite of assets across the US. As soon as it is federally permissible, and as soon as the exchanges allow us, it is our intention to exercise our back-in right,” Cam Battley, Aurora’s chief corporate officer said.

This move would follow along the lines of the announced expansion plans from Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC;TSX:WEED), which obtained a license in the state of New York and will deploy between US$100 and US$150 million for its new production strategy in the state.

Three cannabis companies reached the top five spots in the 2019 OTCQX Best 50, a list of the top gaining stocks the previous year on the OTCQX Best Market.

Origin House (CSE:OH;OTCQX:ORHOF) ranked the highest by getting the second spot in the overall list with iAnthus Capital Holdings (CSE:IAN,OTCQX:ITHUF) securing the third position. The other cannabis venture, which reached the fourth spot, was Organigram Holdings (TSXV:OGI;OTCQX:OGRMF).

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Editorial Disclosure: Green Growth Brands is a client of the Investing News Network. This article is not paid-for content.


Cannabis - Will The Fortune 500 Join The Party?

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Cannabis Weekly Round-Up: Takeaways from Lift Expo

By Bryan Mc Govern, January 18, 2018

During the past trading week (January 14 to 18), another Canadian licensed producer (LP) announced it is heading to a premier US listing.

Meanwhile, the Lift & Co. (TSXV:LIFT) cannabis expo offered a variety of trends and speakers for cannabis investors to follow, while new projections for the sale of adult-use cannabis also made headlines throughout the week.

Here’s a closer look at what some of the biggest news was during last week’s trading period.


Cannabis - Will The Fortune 500 Join The Party?

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Investing discussion during Lift expo in Vancouver

The annual edition of the Lift & Co. (TSXV:LIFT) cannabis expo took place last week (January 10 to 13), and offered a closer look at the trends companies and leaders of the industry expect.

During the business conference portion of the expo, investors heard from speakers on what strategy changes may come for public companies as the US market continues to grow in size and as investor interest in the space increases.

Brady Fletcher, managing director and head of the TSX Venture Exchange, said cannabis listings represent nearly C$40 billion of the total TMX Group (TSX:X) exchanges, with 45 issuers listed.

When asked if the exchange is anywhere close to changing policy and allow the entry of US operating cannabis companies, Fletcher said regulators can’t change policy based on sentiment on an industry.

“2019 is the year where people who are thinking about investing, or are investing, are going to be looking to see how these companies are executing on their promises, where the discipline and the trust related to what you say vs. what you do, delivering on financial results and responsible capital allocation, is going to be at a premium,” Peter Aceto, CEO of CannTrust Holdings (TSX:TRST), said during a separate panel.

As part of an investing panel, Neal Gilmer, analyst with Haywood Securities covering the cannabis market, explained that due to the high volatility in the stock market he expects there to be room for companies to be “opportunistic” and take advantage of wide swings in valuation for the pursuit of mergers and acquisitions.

“Scale is the name of the game, and being small and niche is going to be very hard from a cost perspective,” Jennifer Lee, partner and cannabis lead with Deloitte, told the Investing News Network following a cannabis data panel.

Market updates

A new report from Arcview Group and BDS Analytics was published projecting that global spending on recreational cannabis will reach US$16.9 billion in 2019, representing a 38-percent increase from 2018.

Troy Dayton, CEO of Arcview Group, called 2018 as “a year of historic importance” for the entire industry cannabis, thanks in large part to investments from established market players in industries such as alcohol and tobacco. Moving past 2019, the firm’s research indicates recreational cannabis sales are set to hit US$31.3 billion in 2022.

The results of the report indicate there has been a “gold-rush” of US multi-state operators going public in Canada. Additionally, five Canadian LPs reached valuations of over US$100 million in 2018.

On Thursday (January 17), Canadian LP HEXO (TSX:HEXO), confirmed it will start trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The company will join fellow LPs Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC,TSX:WEED), Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB,TSX:ACB) and Aphria (NYSE:APHA,TSX:APHA).

Following the passing of a US$867-billion farm bill, which legalizes hemp and its derivatives, Canopy Growth secured a license for the production of hemp in the state of New York.

The company will invest between US$100 and US$150 million for its new production strategy in the state.

“In New York we see an opportunity to create products that improve people’s lives,” Bruce Linton, chairman and co-CEO of Canopy Growth, said in a statement.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Bryan Mc Govern, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.


Cannabis - Will The Fortune 500 Join The Party?

Our Exclusive FREE Report Contains Information You NEED To Know About Cannabis Stock Investing!

The evolution of the cannabis industry in recent years continues to outperform market projections. While many attribute this unprecedented growth and positive trending to a focus on business-to-consumer models, some cannabis companies are finding significant successes leveraging white labeling partnerships to tap into a rapidly emerging marketplace that thrives on innovative business models and unique products for a growing consumer base

As the popularity of white labeling services amongst cannabis companies grows, especially in the production of fast-growing categories of value-added products like extracts, oils, edibles, and vapes, companies that are becoming an expert in co-manufacturing and have the ability to provide these services are establishing themselves as the leaders in the industry. Used as a means to expand SKU lines as well as revenue, white labeling in the cannabis industry offers companies unparalleled upside and potential for impressive profitability.

How do white labeling services work?

White labeling is a business practice that involves one company manufacturing a product, which is later sold and advertised under another company’s brand. These solutions are typically done in exchange for a flat fee or percentage of product sales depending on the terms of the agreement.

This INNspired article is brought to you by:

Ayurcann (CSE:AYUR) is a leading B2B post-harvest solution and provider focused on providing scalable custom processes and pharma-grade products to the medical cannabis industry in CanadaSend me an Investor Kit

This business-to-business solution offers a partnering company to attach their unique brand onto a “white label” product for marketing and sale to the final consumer and allows the manufacturing “white labeler” to potentially partner with different companies. Without the need to invest in infrastructure or technology. Cannabis companies can focus on building their brand and selling a wider range of products to a wide net of prospective customers.

Additionally, many also associate these white labeling solutions with toll processing, a practice in which one company provides the raw or partially processed product for another company to manufacture into a value-added product.

Access to extraction and packaging services through white label providers

White labeling services provide an ideal solution for companies who may not have the start-up capital to build a manufacturing facility, secure product licensing or have a difficult time getting a cannabis business off the ground. In these circumstances, partnering with a licensed processor that has established production and focused effort on creating a diversified range of high-quality cannabis products presents outstanding economic opportunities.

One leading example is  Ayurcann Holdings (CSE:AYUR), a B2B post-harvest solution provider focused on providing scalable custom processes and pharma-grade products to the recreational and medical cannabis industry in Canada. The company delivers a profitable business model of services and products. It operates three production divisions specializing in expert cannabis-based extraction and refinement, high-quality bulk oil sales and white label manufacturing.

White labeling options for cannabis companies

In an industry that is shifting its focus away from cultivation, more fully integrated companies delivering multiple verticals in cannabis processing and production offer an unparalleled investment opportunity that stands out from the rest. Major players in the cannabis white-labeling space offer unique exposure and retail footing that allow many companies to compete with established brands and quickly make an impact on consumers.

Ayuracann’s production offers full end-to-end outsourcing services, including proprietary product research & development, cannabis extraction & refinement and final production formulation and fulfillment. As a leading white labeling service provider, the company is focused on becoming the partner of choice for leading Canadian cannabis brands by delivering best-in-class, proprietary services, including ethanol extraction, formulation, product development and custom manufacturing.

Benefits of white labeling for cannabis companies

Data collected by Grand View Research projects the global legal cannabis market to be worth US$66.3 billion by 2025. While much of the cannabis product sold today is still the raw product, value-added consumer packaged goods are rapidly gaining significant traction throughout the cannabis industry.

White labeling services allow cannabis companies to capitalize on the latest and greatest cannabis consumer trends by expanding their portfolios to include high-demand products such as oil cartridges, extracts, topicals, CBD bath products and lotions, edibles and more. Without having to invest in the infrastructure, processing labs and manufacturing facilities required to make these products, companies can focus on releasing more products to an eager customer base. With an ever-evolving cannabis market, white label partnerships can give cannabis companies an edge over the competition.

While vertical integration can be a highly efficient strategy for large cannabis companies with the up-front capital to build the necessary infrastructure, companies without the resources to establish it take a huge risk by investing in operational and up-front costs. This includes time, building and equipment costs, license processing and finding specialized staff to grow and sustain the business.

Alternatively, outsourcing manufacturing allows a cannabis company to expand its product offerings, utilize quality formulations and establish its brand while reducing the financial risk associated with vertically integrating. Finding a compatible white labeling partnership means more time to build a brand and reach retailers and final consumers substantially faster. For cannabis companies who want to hit the ground running, white labeling offers the tools, expertise, and systems in place to make it happen.


Cannabis companies are using white labeling services to expand and diversify their product lines and tap into a market that is increasingly favoring value-added consumer packaged goods. For cannabis companies without fully vertically integrated operations, white-label partnerships with major players like Ayurcann Holdings offer exceptional economic efficiency and investing upside with minimized risks and infrastructural costs.

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Dolos Consultancy LTD is one of the leading corporate strategy, intelligence gathering, investors analysis and capital advisories in the market. Dolos is working with a network of investors, family offices and venture capitalists, and is retained to support and accompany Ayurcann in both Investor relations and market intelligence.

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