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As the new week kicks off, here’s a round-up of the Investing News Network’s top stories last week covering the coronavirus pandemic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned last week that as nations start to ease lockdowns there has been an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

“On upticks (in cases), yes we have seen in countries around the world — I’m not talking specifically about Europe — when the lockdowns ease, when the social distancing measures ease, people sometimes interpret this as ‘OK, it’s over,'” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris said.

“It’s not over. It’s not over until there is no virus anywhere in the world,” she added.

More than 6.6 million people have now been infected, with the death toll reaching over 388,000 as of last Thursday (June 4). Of the more than 3.5 million closed cases, over 3.19 million have recovered.

To keep investors up to date with what’s been going on in the mining industry related to COVID-19, we’ve put together a round-up of the Investing News Network’s (INN) top stories last week on the pandemic. All information and data were current as of last Thursday.

INN’s COVID-19 coverage: Top stories this week

1. The Catalyst That Could Bring Generalists Back to Gold

Gold market participants have been hearing lately that it’s only a matter of time before generalist investors return to the space and help drive the yellow metal’s price up.

But what will be the catalyst that brings these investors back? Will Rhind, founder and CEO of GraniteShares, shared his thoughts in a recent interview.

“I think the big catalyst … is what’s the role of bonds in a portfolio?” he said, noting that for a long time the idea was to have a portfolio allocated 60 percent to equities and 40 percent to bonds.

2. The Safest Play in the Mining Space Right Now?

Gold and silver stocks are popular among investors looking for precious metals exposure, but those new to the space are often told to look first at royalty and streaming companies.

These companies, which receive either a percentage of revenue (a royalty agreement) or a percentage of production (a streaming deal) from producing mines, tend to be touted as lower risk due to a variety of factors — for example, they don’t have to deal with the costs associated with mining and exploration.

But does their safe reputation hold up during a global pandemic? To find out, INN asked market watchers and royalty and streaming company execs to share their thoughts. Click the link above to learn what they said about how this part of the precious metals space has been affected.

3. EB Tucker: The First Inning for Gold is Over, Don’t Miss the Rest

The gold price is on the rise, and some market participants are wondering if there’s still room to get in. According to EB Tucker, the answer is yes — but it’s time to get moving.

Tucker, who is a director at Metalla Royalty & Streaming (TSXV:MTA,NYSEAMERICAN:MTA), recently wrote the book “Why Gold? Why Now?: The War Against Your Wealth and How to Win It.” As the title suggests, it covers why investors should consider gold at this point in time, plus how to get involved.

“There’s a very hot period for gold, and it’s a period when the value of other assets is in question. That is now. We’re right on the edge of that, we’re just starting it,” he explained.

INN’s COVID-19 coverage: The bright side

The coronavirus pandemic has changed US President Donald Trump’s views on a trade deal with China, according to his statements during a press conference on Friday (June 5).

“I guess I view the trade deal a little bit differently than I did three months ago,” Trump said at a news briefing in the White House Rose Garden. “Getting along with China would be a good thing. I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’ll let you know.”

In commodities, oil prices were under the spotlight, jumping to over US$40 a barrel as investors waited on an OPEC meeting that could extend production cuts. In base metals, copper was on track for a weekly gain, trading around US$5,500 per tonne by the end of the week.

More COVID-19 coverage from INN

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