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Canadian REE Industry Needs Some Help: Report

A report from Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources emphasizes that the country’s “position is unique with respect to REE development not only because of its rare earth reserves, but also because of the country’s stable environment and mining expertise,” according to Mineweb.

Russia May Challenge China’s Rare Earth Dominance

Russia is home to the second largest deposits of rare earth elements in the world, yetthe nation produces almost no rare earth. Two Japanese companies are looking to deposits in Russia as a saving grace for new supply. Also former Soviet satellites have deposits of their own and Germany and

Stagnant tungsten market dips prices

The ferro-tungsten market has been stagnant in recent weeks, with only a handful of transactions taking place. Last Friday, in China, inactivity translated into a dip in prices. Ferro-tungsten fell to $25.90 a kilogram, down from the recent rate of $28.00 per kilogram.

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