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November 22, 2019

Cannabis Weekly Round-Up: HEXO Finds Unlicensed Area

The Investing News Network rounds up some of the biggest company and market news in the cannabis market for the...
November 20, 2019

Cannabis Event Shows Differences in US/Canadian Consumers

When it comes to cannabis retail, the difference between the Canadian and US markets comes down to how customers view...
August 8, 2019

Is it Too Late to Invest in Marijuana?

Early investors saw impressive returns, but is it now too late for newcomers to take advantage of the industry and...
July 25, 2019

Quebec Announces Ban on Edible Cannabis Products

Quebec has announced that it will ban edible cannabis products such as candies, desserts and cannabis-infused chocolate.
June 3, 2019

Report: Canadian Edibles Market to Be Worth C$2.7 Billion

In a new study, research firm Deloitte projects the upcoming edibles sector will have a value of C$2.7 billion in...
January 28, 2019

John Kaye: Canadian Cannabis Retail Market in “Settling” Time

As the initial excitement for a vibrant retail market settles, companies are evaluating the entire Canadian retail play for cannabis.