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March 7, 2017

Canada Carbon graphite meets high-tech supplier needs

Canada Carbon Inc.'s ultrahigh-purity graphite has met the stringent qualification specifications of a well-known international graphite product supplier for a...
December 21, 2016

A Look Back at Graphite Trends 2016

Here, the Investing News Network (INN) reviews what has happened in the graphite market during the past twelve months.
May 19, 2016

4 Graphite Stocks Up Over 70 Percent Year-to-date

Interest in graphite has steadily risen in part because lithium-ion batteries have become more common, thanks to Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA)...
May 11, 2016

Bruce Coventry: Segmentation on the Horizon for the Graphite Market

INN recently caught up with Bruce Coventry, COO of Android Industries and director of Canada Carbon, after his return from...