Ed Steer: The Silver Price Could Reach 3 Digits if This Happens

Steer explains why manipulation is such a problem in the silver market and what could change the current situation.

It’s no secret that many experts believe manipulation is a major issue in the silver market. But for investors new to the space the situation can be difficult to grasp — it’s tough to discern what exactly is going on and who’s behind it.

Ed Steer of GATA, who comments frequently on silver manipulation via his Gold and Silver Digest, offered a brief breakdown at the recent International Metal Writers Conference. “The idea is that a market — to be free and fair — is supposed to have many diverse traders with very small positions so that nobody really gets control,” he explained.

“The situation that exists now … is that a handful of traders, eight traders, in the silver futures market on the COMEX are short more than half of the total open interest,” he continued. “They all trade as a group — they all buy at the same time, they all sell at the same time — and when that happens, they control the price that the producer and the consumer end up paying.”

Watch the video above to learn what catalyst Steer believes could change the current situation and create a three-digit silver price. “I would suggest that anybody who doesn’t have anything in the market right now … buy some physical silver first, and then some silver equities,” he said. “Just get ready for [it] because sooner or later this is going to end.”

The transcript for this interview will be added shortly.

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  • Totally agree with him, there is a severe manipulation of silver in the marketplace price. I started buying in 2013 and have a substantial position but price has remain below cost price since then. British Pounds has lost about 20% its value against U.S.
    Dollar, and yet the price around 17/USD an ounce!
    Does not make any sense?

    I hope he correct in his projection, so I will hold on for another few months. By the way, storage fees is around Forty Bucks a month!


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