US Election 2020 and Gold

US Election 2020 and Gold
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How will the 2020 US election impact gold and the mining sector as a whole? This series compiles expert opinions on what could happen.

The approaching 2020 US presidential election looks set to be one of the most polarized in recent history.

As both candidates vie for the White House in this high-stakes vote, looking past the soundbites and partisan pandering to what’s really at stake is more crucial than ever before.

No matter who wins the coveted seat in the oval office, the winner will face some major hurdles. Combating the coronavirus, spurring the economy and quelling social unrest will be the top priorities, but longstanding energy, infrastructure and resource issues will also need to be addressed.

Will an enhanced domestic resource sector be a catalyst for economic recovery? How strong is the push for green energy? And how will gold fare in the weeks and months following the election?

Many of these answers depend on whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the presidency. However, with the election shaping up to be very close or even contested, many analysts and experts believe gold will benefit from the uncertainty that this environment will create.

To sort through the rhetoric and get to the heart of each party’s resource-specific promises and platforms, the Investing News Network spoke with an array of US-based market watchers, gold analysts and energy experts to get their thoughts prior to the vote.

Undoubtedly, the majority agree that whether it’s Trump or Biden in the White House, whoever wins will face challenges no president before has had to tackle simultaneously.

Click through the articles listed below to better understand what’s at stake and how a potential win from either candidate could impact America’s resource future.

US Election 2020 and Gold

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US Election 2020 and Gold:


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