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Covering topics ranging from minerals to the trade war, Jayant Bhandari said developments in the uranium space haven’t added to its glow.

Financial analyst Jayant Bhandari says that there’s no joy to be found in the uranium space, even as other pundits and experts in the space espouse the mineral’s potential.

“Unless you think your mining company makes money at US$25 per pound of uranium, it makes absolutely no sense to participate in this hype,” he said in an interview with the Investing News Network at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium.

“People get caught up in these trends and (the) hype of any specific commodity, and they lose a lot of money and you see empty conferences.”

Bhandari was responding to questions around the mineral, which has been in the news recently as the US government takes a closer look at the industry, demand returns to pre-Fukushima levels and suppliers cut back — potentially opening up opportunities for investors in the space.

Despite all that, Bhandari — who is known for his criticism of uranium — said nothing has changed for the mineral: “I can see that in the price.” His argument hinges on the falling cost of alternative energy sources and increased risk in the post-Fukushima world.

Gold and silver are also running hot in the news and in the markets this month. Bhandari said that makes sense given the macroeconomic uncertainty around the world, and given that gold and silver are solid ways to protect wealth.

Speaking of macroeconomic uncertainty, Bhandari also offered his hot take on the future trajectory of the ongoing US-China trade war, noting that while it has gone on longer than he had anticipated, he is still backing the US to “win.”

Watch the full interview above for more detail on Bhandari’s thoughts. Our full playlist for the Sprott event can be found on YouTube.

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david ah ejat
david ah ejat
08 Aug, 2019
Wow someone talking the truth. Unlike the professional bullshitters who keep saying the time has come for uranium in light of the evidence of oversupply and weak demand. Bravo .