E3 Metals: High-Purity Lithium Brine in Alberta

- May 27th, 2019

E3 Metals Corp. (TSXV:ETMC, FWB:OU7A, OTC:EEMMF) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s resource channel.

E3 Metals Corp. (TSXV:ETMC, FWB:OU7A, OTC:EEMMF) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s resource channel.

E3 Metals is a mineral exploration company based in Alberta, Canada that specializes in high-purity lithium projects. The company’s prolific Leduc Reservoir hosts lithium-enriched brine with an inferred mineral resource of 6.7 million tonnes of liquid carbonate equivalent. The Leduc Reservoir is located in south-central Alberta, which has hosted numerous oil and gas exploration projects for over 70 years. One section of the property, the Clearwater resource area, is capable of supporting a 50,000-tonne lithium LiOH operation for 35 years.

E3 Metals is currently focused on scaling up its direct lithium brine extraction technology, which the company has been developing in collaboration with the University Of Alberta. E3 Metals hopes to produce a high-purity lithium concentrate that could be later refined into battery grade lithium carbonate or hydroxide.

E3 Metals’ company highlights include the following:

  • Operating in the industry-friendly, secure and clearly regulated jurisdiction of Alberta, Canada
  • Developing a proprietary direct brine ion-exchange lithium extraction technology
  • Advancement of ion-exchange extraction technology has produced a high-purity lithium concentrate up to 5,367 milligrams per liter and lithium recovery rates ranging from 84% to 98%
  • E3’s Leduc Reservoir project hosts lithium enriched brine with 6.7 million tonnes LCE (lithium carbonate equivalent) inferred mineral resource* delineated to date.
  • Leduc Reservoir has hosted oil and gas operations for 70 years
  • Reservoir dynamics lend to steady and long-term brine production
  • High brine temperatures and flow rates offer operational cost-saving benefits for the company
  • Leveraging and repurposing existing oil and gas infrastructure to reduce environmental impact and operating costs
  • Partnerships in place with the University of Alberta
  • Secured grant funding for lithium extraction technology from Alberta Innovates, NSERC and NRC IRAP
  • Lithium extraction pilot plant development work is underway
  • Technical advisory board brings a wealth of experience and is instrumental to the company’s direct brine lithium extraction technology development

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