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Which graphite news stories grabbed investors’ attention this year? We run through our five most popular articles in this overview.

While graphite may not have lived up to investors’ expectations in 2018, optimism lives on, with hopes driven that prices will rise on the back of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

In 2018, many of our top graphite news stories focused on the metal’s growing role in EVs, and on companies hoping their assets will supply carmakers. Overall, it seems investors remain certain of the metal’s potential and are eager for predictions on where the market may go next.

Below we’ve assembled our most popular graphite news stories of 2018. Read on to find out which articles received the most attention from readers throughout the year.

1.India’s Graphite Electrode Producers Under Pressure to Cut Prices

Our most popular graphite news story of the year looks at India’s graphite electrode market. The graphite electrode price surge that occurred earlier in the year affected the nation’s steelmakers, so the Ministry of Steel began taking measures to bring down costs. There was even talk of imposing a 20-percent export tax on graphite electrode manufacturers.

How did manufacturers react? Read on to find out more details in this piece.

2. Christoph Frey of Kibaran Resources: Graphite to Be Key in EV Batteries for the Next 5 to 10 Years

Our next most-read graphite news article in 2018 is a Graphite+Anodes conference interview with Christoph Frey, independent director at Kibaran Resources (ASX:KNL). In the interview, Frey gives his take on new anode technology, and his forecast on the graphite market in the years to come.

He also provides investors with his tips for investing in the space, and shares the most important news for Kibaran in 2018. For more details, listen to the interview above or click here.

3. Peter Wright of Bass Metals: The Graphite Market Will Be Moderately Stronger in 2019

In another interview at the Graphite+Anodes conference, we spoke with Peter Wright of Bass Metals (ASX:BSM). He discussed the future of graphite, as well as his company’s 2018 milestones.

Wright also touched on what he says are misconceptions about the industry, and mistakes that investors should avoid making. Which mistakes? Listen to the interview above or click here for more details.

4. Syrah Resources Inks Deal for US-based BAM Production Site

Next on our list of 2018 graphite news stories is an article on Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR), which made headlines when it sunk $1.2 million into a 25-acre US-based battery anode material production site.

This was a big step for Syrah, which has its main graphite asset in Mozambique. With a battery anode material production site in the US, the company hopes to make value-added graphite products, including coated spherical graphite, which is used for making anodes for lithium-ion batteries. Read on for more.

5. Ford to Invest $11 Billion to Develop EVs by 2022

Our last graphite news story covers the announcement that carmaker Ford (NYSE:F) will be investing a whopping $11 billion into developing EVs by 2022. This was a welcome surprise as the company had previously committed just $4.5 billion by 2020.

Other carmakers have been investing heavily in the space as well, to the delight of battery metals investors. Volkswagen (FWB:VOW) is said to have committed $40 billion to EVs, so will Ford’s investment be enough? Continue reading here.

What graphite news stories did you follow this year? Leave your mark in the comments below.

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