Alliance Growers Reports High Demand for CBD Dana Hemp Strain and use of HOCL

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Alliance Growers Corp., announces high demand for CBD Dana Hemp strain and anticipated use of the HOCL process with Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.

Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE:ACG, FWB:1LA, OTCQB:ALGWF) (“Alliance Growers” or “the Company), announces high demand for CBD Dana Hemp strain and anticipated use of the HOCL process with its partner, Pharmagreen Biotech Inc.(“Pharmagreen”) on the Cannabis Biotech Complex. Peter Wojcik, CEO of Pharmagreen who has recently returned from meetings with funds and institutional investors across the US reports the following:

With the first USD$5 Million of $25 Million, anticipated from ongoing fundraising efforts, Pharmagreen intends to build a 1.5-acre greenhouse for growing the proprietary CBD Dana Hemp strain, while it concurrently builds the Tissue Culture Facility, the main component of the Cannabis Biotech Complex. This strategy will get us faster to revenues and provide a greater supply of starter plantlets sooner.

Pharmagreen has negotiated the sale of over 2 million plantlets of CDB Dana with a farm group that has over 200,000 acres of farmland. This group has approached Pharmagreen to be our strategic industry partners on large scale production of CBD Dana Hemp.

Alliance has discussed the benefits of the Hypochlorous Acid (“HOCL”) technology as it would apply to the greenhouses to be built on the Cannabis Biotech Complex lands. As a result, Pharmagreen confirmed that the HOCL process that provides cleaning and disinfecting processes that will help protect their crops against mold, bacteria and spores, is something that fits with their plans to provide quality plantlets of the CBD Dana Hemp strain and other strains as well.  Pharmagreen will be evaluating and utilizing this process in the greenhouses and eventually in the various facilities in Cannabis Biotech Complex as results dictate.

Commenting on the demand for the hemp strain and utilization of the HOCL process, Dennis Petke, President and CEO of Alliance Growers stated, “The cannabis and hemp sectors are evolving rapidly, and Alliance Growers continues to position the Company to be an important contributor in these sectors. We are thrilled with the developments Pharmagreen has made with regard to funding and the its efforts to show hemp farmers what the CBD Dana strain has to offer. This has led to the high demand for the proprietary CBD Dana strain, which will benefit Alliance both directly and indirectly over time. In addition, it is very gratifying to have their endorsement of our decision to partner with Irish Sea Organics on distribution of the hypochlorous Acid (“HOCL”) production equipment process. To further the Company’s growth and to create value for shareholders, we encourage warrant holders to take advantage of the Warrant Incentive Program as this is a very important first step in launching our financing initiatives that will allow Alliance to continue to execute on its business plan. We thank our many loyal shareholders and other stakeholders for their continued support and patience as we execute on our business plan in this evolving and exciting cannabis market.”

Additional information of the CBD Dana strain and the HOCL process

Pharmagreen, through its Research and Development licensor, Botanical Research in Motion International Inc. (B.R.I.M.) was pleased to report that testing of the CBD Dana strain showing growth rates that are exceeding company expectations. This success has provided demand for CBD Dana’s high CBD for hemp farming needs and resulted in the impetus for the greenhouse being built right away. CBD Dana’s unique hemp properties with low THC (less than 0.3%) and significantly higher CBD content of 14% (per plant), compared to industrial hemp strains (approximately 1% CBD), makes it an ideal strain for CBD biomass farming and CBD oil extraction.

Pharmagreen was impressed with the Hypochlorous Acid (“HOCL”) production equipment process that Alliance Growers announced in a news release on September 6, 2019. The distribution agreement between Alliance Growers and Irish Sea Organics for the Canadian distributorship of technology and expertise that provides cleaning and disinfecting processes to help cultivators protect their crops against mould and spores will be evaluated and used in their greenhouse facility and in the Cannabis Biotech Complex as results dictate. Alliance Growers is very excited to add this technology and process of cleaning and sterilisation for the Canadian Cannabis and wider Agricultural industry sector to its business model of providing products and services to the cannabis and hemp growers.

Alliance to benefit along with Pharmagreen in the rapidly evolving CBD industry

Alliance is exploring opportunities with Pharmagreen to benefit from the rapidly evolving CBD industry. Pharmagreen is highly focused on the CBD industry by developing supply chain for CBD hemp growers utilizing the CBD Dana hemp strain. Pharmagreen’s model is to provide the hemp farmers the highest quality starter female plantlets to produce the highest quality of biomass for the production of CBD formulations for human and animal use.  Pharmagreen’s ability to supply high CBD starter plantlets along with high level of expertise in farming the strain provides a very lucrative high CBD hemp farming opportunity for the farmers by making highly efficient use of land.   Higher profits and higher yields can be generated for example from 10 acres with Pharmagreen’s high CBD strain and farming techniques than from farming 1,000 acres using standard industrial hemp from seed.  The end product using Pharmagreen’s CBD strain and farming techniques ultimately provides the highest quality, medical grade, flower tops biomass.

About Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc. and WFS Pharmagreen Inc.

WFS Pharmagreen Inc. is a wholly owned Canadian based subsidiary of Pharmagreen Biotech, Inc., a publicly traded (OTC: PHBI) company.  WFS Pharmagreen Inc. is a cannabis company that is becoming the largest producer of cannabis plantlets through a proprietary tissue culture process with opportunity to become one of the largest players globally.  Pharmagreen’s mission is to advance the technology of tissue culture science and to provide the highest quality 100% germ free, disease free and all genetically the same plantlets of cannabis and other flora while offering full spectrum DNA testing for plant identification, live genetics preservation using  low temperature storage for various cannabis and horticulture plants; extraction of botanical oils mainly CBD oil, and to deliver laboratory based services to the North American Cannabis and agriculture sectors.  For further information on the company progress on the construction of a 63,000 ft2state of the art “Cannabis Biotech Complex” please visit

About Irish Sea Organics

Irish Sea Organics breakthrough technology is revolutionizing seed, plant, harvest, drying and raw material extraction processes. Hypochlorous water or HOCL is electrolyzed water manufactured by the human body that is used by white blood cells to eliminate waste and destroy foreign substances like bacteria, fungus and viruses. There is no known resistance of any organism to its effects, and there are demonstrated kill rates for this product that are FDA and EPA registered and certified. For further information on the Irish Sea Organics, please visit the company’s website at .

About Alliance Growers Corp.

Alliance Growers is a Diversified Global Medical Cannabis Company driven by the Company’s ‘Four Pillars’ Organization Plan – Cannabis Biotech Complex (products and services to cultivators), Strategic ACMPR Investments, CBD Oil Supply and Distribution, and Research and Technology.

Alliance Growers is working with Pharmagreen Biotech Inc. to jointly develop and operate a 63,000-square foot Cannabis Biotech Complex, to be the first of its kind in Western Canada to house a DNA Botany lab, CBD extraction facility and Tissue Culture Plantlet Production facility to service the Cannabis market and agriculture market in general.

For further information, please visit the Company’s website at or the Company’s profile at

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