Alliance Growers Corp.


Establishing a Long Term Presence in the Cannabis Industry Through Diversity, Science and Technology

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Alliance Growers Corp. (CSE:ACG;OTCQB:ALGWF;FWB:1LA) is a vertically-integrated global medical cannabis company focused on serving the medical and recreational cannabis markets. The company’s strategy is driven by its ‘four pillars’ organization plan. One: providing services to cultivators (Cannabis Biotech Complex and HOCl), two: global medical cannabis cultivation (including: investments in strategic licensed producer applicants), three: medical-grade CBD oil supply and distribution and four: research and technology.

Of its four pillars, Alliance Growers is primarily focused on providing services to cannabis cultivators and the production of medical-grade CBD oil from its own operations and from strategic arrangements. The company believes that these two streams are the most sustainable, especially medical-grade flower and medical-grade CBD oil which have a global reach and are politically stable.

Alliance Growers’ Company Highlights

  • Focused on the two of the most sustainable streams in the cannabis space; the grow stream (providing products and services to cultivators) and the CBD oil stream.
  • First Cannabis Biotech Complex under development in Mission, British Columbia.
  • Producing tissue cultured plantlets to provide cannabis growers a superior alternative to clones utilizing the proprietary Chibafreen process.
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