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Rare Earths in the United States

The USGS recently determined the United States is sitting on a sizable untapped reserve of rare earth reserves in the west part of the country. New extraction techniques will allow companies to access this rare earth in old mine tailings.

Molycorp Shares Fall Starting Chain Reaction

Shares of rare earth firms have taken a serious hit this week. The fall came as a result of J.P. Morgan downgrading shares of Molycorp to a neutral rating. However, the fundamentals of the market have not changed, and prices for the elements are still up for the year.

Rare Earth Elements in Defense Systems

Rare earth elements are used in a wide array of weapons systems used by the US military, however, there is currently no domestic production of the metals. This is catching the eye of congress as the US military and national defense is at the whims of Chinese trade policy.

Rare Earth Trade Conflict: Diplomacy Needed

Heading into a key Asian summit, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, stresses the need for clarification of rare earth export policies from China. Also, a bilateral meeting is in the scheduled between the US and China to take place just after the Summit, leading up to what is looking to

The Rare Earth Drama Continues

More threats of trade disputes from Japan and the US towards China’s tight economic policy help shares of rare earth juniors as investors eye gains from reduced global supply. Also, the US House of Representatives passed the “Rare Earth and Critical Materials Act” providing funding for rare earth mining operations.

World Class Rare Earth Deposits

Rare Earths are not found as free metals in the earth’s crust, but rather within a mixed ‘cocktail’ of Rare Earth elements that need to be separated out into their individual components. To make exploration for rare earth elements profitable, deposits need to be discovered in areas where REEs occur

Rare Earth Market Outlook 2016

A look at rare earths in 2015 and the rare earth market outlook for 2016.

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