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September 14, 2015

How Illegal Mining in Indonesia Affects the Tin Price

The tin price is being hurt by illegal mining in Indonesia, but new export regulations are expected to help stop...
July 27, 2015

New Regulations Cause Export Delays for Indonesian Tin Smelters

Mining Weekly reported that tin smelters Indonesia, the world's top tin exporter, are facing delays due to a change in...
February 22, 2015

Can Further Restrictions Save the Tin Price?

Indonesia continues to take steps toward regulating tin prices. However, the country's efforts have been jeopardized by countries like Australia...
April 21, 2014

Are Tin Prices Losing Momentum?

The global tin deficit has been going strong since 2010, and it isn't likely to let up any time soon....
December 11, 2012

Lack of Funding for Tin Miners Could Harm Volatile Market

Reuters reported that while the current financial situation has made project financing difficult for most miners, tin miners in particular...
January 12, 2012

Tin Prices Stall on Macroeconomic Outlook

While the price of tin has made a modest gain since the start of the year, global economic cues may...
December 9, 2011

Indonesian Tin Producers Propose Alternative to LME

Bloomberg reported Indonesian tin producers are backing a physical contract as an alternative to the London Metal Exchange.