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Potash Pricing

The potash market is primarily controlled by Canpotex and Belarusian Potash Company (BPC). Canpotex is the marketing arm for North American potash producers, responsible for negotiating the long term contracts with potash consumers such as China and India.

Potash Market Ready to Blossom

Potash’s value was hard hit by the economic downturn as investors abandoned agricultural commodities. The recovery for the crop nutrient has recently been underway; and with spring planting in the northern hemisphere just around the corner- things are bound to heat up.

Potash Prices Skid

Potash Investing News reports potash prices on the low side.
International Potash Co, the marketing arm of Russia’s biggest producer, OAO Silvinit, agreed last week to supply India with 850,000 tonnes, by March 10.

This benchmark low price is about 26 per cent below a previous low, and other major consumers including

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