June 18, 2018

Will Platinum be Impacted by Electric Cars?

The auto industry is the largest consumer of platinum, but as electric cars become more mainstream demand from the sector...
April 11, 2018

American Markets Lose Momentum Wednesday Morning

Morning Market Breakdown, April 11: Following a strong finish across the markets on Tuesday, the TSX saw more gains while...
March 5, 2018

Clean Lithium Production for the Clean Energy Revolution

The fate of new clean energy technologies will depend on whether companies can scale to serve consumers while being cognizant...
February 20, 2018

Hard Rock Lithium Strategic Supply Source for Lithium Battery Technology

Facing increasing demand from the growing electric vehicle market, producers are turning to hard rock lithium to develop battery-grade lithium...
February 13, 2018

BMW Ready to Sign Long-term Lithium Supply Deal

The German carmaker is reportedly close to signing a 10-year lithium supply deal. Lithium is a key component in electric...
January 25, 2018

Should Lithium Investors Worry About Oversupply?

In their latest report, analysts at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence provide insight on lithium supply and demand dynamics, and what's ahead...
January 16, 2018

Ford to Invest $11 Billion to Develop EVs by 2022

The US carmaker outlined aggressive electric vehicle plans over the weekend, bringing new excitement to the battery metals sector.
December 12, 2017

Lithium Trends 2017: EV Plans Fuel Supply Concerns

What happened in the lithium market this year? Here’s a look at the major lithium trends of 2017, from megafactory...
December 7, 2017

Cobalt Forecast 2018: CEOs Optimistic

Cobalt 27 Capital, First Cobalt, Fortune Minerals, Cobalt Power Group, Castle Silver Resources and Global Energy Metals share their cobalt...
December 5, 2017

Cobalt Trends 2017: Prices Spike as Supply Concerns Grow

What happened in the cobalt market this year? Here's a look at the major cobalt trends in 2017, from responsible...