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Watch Pure Energy Minerals as Lithium Demand Expands

Watch Pure Energy Minerals as Lithium Demand Expands

James Stafford of published an article that looks at the supply-demand situation for lithium, noting that as companies like Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) begin to bring lithium-ion gigafactories online, there will be “a phenomenal spike in demand that will be no less exciting than the shale boom.”

Chris Berry’s Case for Opportunity in Energy Metals

Chris Berry is known for his positive view on energy metals in the midst of broader weakness in commodities prices. He brought up that point of view again during his presentation at this year’s PDAC conference in Toronto, giving some insight into why he favors metals like lithium, graphite and

General Motors Takes Magnesium Love One Step Further

Magnesium has been an essential component in making cars lighter for nearly a hundred years. Now General Motors is patenting a new process that will make it an alternative to parts previously made with heavier metals like aluminum, titanium and steel. The result will be a significant reduction in fuel

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