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BP plc (formerly British Petroleium)

BP (LSE:BP) is a vertically integrated oil and gas company, the sixth largest energy company by market cap and the world’s fifth largest company by revenue.

BP started in 1908 as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company. Since then it has transitioned many times and acquired Standard Oil of Ohio, merged with Amoco, acquired ARCO and Burmah Castrol in 2000, finally becoming the BP it is today.

A critical company for any beginner investor into oil, BP operates in 80 countries including Canada. Although it recently shut down its Whiting refinery and cut jobs in the US.

Of course, BP is most known to many investors for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. But since then, BP has paid fines and is looking to settle with home owners and businesses that incurred damage after the spill.

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Russia’s Rosneft Makes Major Oil Deal with BP

The CEO of Rosneft (LSE:ROSN) may be under sanctions, but that hasn’t stopped BP (NYSE:BP) from making a major oil supply deal with the Russia based company, Reuters reported today. Rosneft stands to receive about $1.5 billion in pre-payments from the deal, which follows a previous shale exploration deal between

Iran Holds Largest Proven Natural Gas Reserves Globally

According to BP’s (NYSE:BP) Statistical Review of World Energy released this week, Iran holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves, Asharq Al-Awsat reported. The country has 33.8 trillion cubic metres of gas, making up 18.2 percent of the world’s proven reserves.

Coal Use at Highest Level Since 1970

Writing for, Nick Cunningham pointed out that the amount of coal burned in 2013 was enough to meet 30.1 percent of the world’s energy demand, the highest percentage in over 40 years. The author cited statistics from BP’s (NYSE:BP) Statistical Review of World Energy.

5 Recent Oil Pipeline Disasters

Oil spills are always a hot topic, but the issue was even more sensational than normal yesterday as some 10,000 gallons of crude oil leaked onto the streets of Los Angeles.

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