Fission Confirms High-grade Mineralization in Four Holes at R1515W Zone

Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX:FCU) announced assay results from four holes at the R1515W zone, located at its Athabasca Basin-based Patterson Lake South (PLS) property. President, COO and Chief Geologist Ross McElroy said the results “highlight the excellent potential” of R1515W.

As quoted in the press release:

Of particular note is hole PLS17-564 (line 1545W), located 2.3km west of the Triple R Deposit’s central part of the R780E zone, which intersected 128.0m of total composite mineralization, including intervals such as 7.0m @ 6.90% U3O8in 14.50m @ 3.39% U3Oand 7.0m @ 6.36% U3O8in 10.50m @ 4.35% U3O8All four holes returned wide intervals at shallow depth, as well as high-grade mineralization.

Assay highlights include:

PLS17-564 (line 1545W): key intervals

  • 60.0m @ 0.40% U3O8(101.0m to 161.0m)
  • 14.50m @ 3.39% U3O8 (163.5m to 178.0m), including:
    • 7.0m @ 6.90% U3O(170.5m to 177.5m),
  • 10.50m @ 4.35% U3O8 (199.5m to 209.5m), including:
    • 7.0m @ 6.36% U3O(202.0m to 209.0m)

PLS17-562 (line 1545W) key intervals:

  • 27.5m @ 0.60% U3O8(104.0m to 131.5m), including:
    • 9.0m @ 1.29% U3O8(113.0m to 122.0m)
  • 14.50m @ 1.73% U3O8(208.5m to 223.0m), including:
    • 3.5m @ 3.01% U3O(208.5m to 212.0m), and
    • 1.5m @ 5.56% U3O(217.5m to 219.0m)
  • 7.50m @ 1.02% U3O8 (231.5m to 239.0m), including:
    • 1.0m @ 5.10% U3O(233.5m to 234.5m)

Click here to read the full Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX:FCU) press release.

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