New Pacific Reports First Results From 2018 Drill Program at Silver Sand

- January 23rd, 2019

New Pacific Metals announced the first batch of drill results from its wholly-owned Silver Sand project in Potosí department, Bolivia.

New Pacific Metals Corp. (TSXV:NUAG, OTCQX:NUPMF) announced the first batch of drill results from its wholly-owned Silver Sand project in Potosí department, Bolivia.

The drilling program commenced in mid-October 2017.  A total of 55,010 metres in 195 HQ size diamond core drill holes had been completed by mid-December 2018.  The drill program covers an area of approximately 1,600 meters long in the north-south direction and up to 800 meters wide in the east-west direction.  The holes were drilled along northeast 60 degree oriented sections with a 50 meters spacing between the sections.  Most drill holes are drilled at dip angle of 45 degrees to penetrate the principal trend of the mineralized structure zones with an average hole length of approximately 285 meters.  To date, assay results of drill core samples of 98 holes have been received and analyzed, of which 94 holes intercepted silver mineralization.

Highlights are as follows:

  • Drill hole DSS525001, 135.72 meters (m) @ 240 grams per tonne (g/t) Gold (Ag) from 50.8m to 186.52m,

    incl. 76.63m @ 383g/t Ag from 50.8m to 127.43m, and

    incl. 7.64m @ 406g/t Ag from 178.88m to 186.52m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525002, 273.94m @ 84g/t Ag from 0.92m to 274.86m,

    incl. 13.44m @ 205g/t Ag from 86.3m to 99.74m, and

    incl. 56.3m @ 216g/t Ag from 148.5m to 204.8m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS5803, 172m @ 110g/t Ag from 18.0m to 190.0m,

    incl. 83.5m @ 192g/t Ag from 18.0m to 101.5m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525009, 178.99m @ 96g/t Ag from 59.9m to 238.89m,

    incl. 18.03m @ 362g/t Ag from 126.49m to 144.52m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525010, 106.4m @ 154g/t Ag from 12.0m to 118.4m,

    incl. 38.75m @ 165g/t Ag from 12.0m to 50.75m, and

    incl. 4.03m @ 2,366g/t Ag from 92.43m to 96.46m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS5407, 76.03m @ 205g/t Ag from 64.07m to 140.10m,

    incl. 60.89m @ 251g/t Ag from 64.07m to 124.96m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS665001, 89.77m @ 115g/t Ag from 44.23m to 134.1m,

    incl. 4.45m @ 394g/t Ag from 44.23m to 48.68m,

    incl. 37.15m @ 149g/t Ag from 58.0m to 95.15m, and

    3.52m @ 430g/t Ag from 213.82m to 217.34m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6603A, 65.25m @ 181g/t Ag from 7.9m to 73.15m,

    incl. 32.0m @ 304g/t Ag from 7.9m to 39.9m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6402, 157.68m @ 66g/t Ag from 18.1m to 175.78m,

    incl. 26.16m @ 252g/t Ag from 74.22m to 100.38m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS645001, 85.54m @ 119g/t Ag from 27.46m to 113.0m,

    incl. 26.04m @ 189g/t Ag from 27.46m to 53.5m, and

    incl. 31.16m @ 156g/t Ag from 81.84m to 113.0m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS5806, 146.69m @ 63g/t Ag from 13.96m to 160.65m,

    incl. 9.34m @ 208g/t Ag from 13.96m to 23.3m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS5404, 106.5m @ 86g/t Ag from 87.0m to 193.5m,

    incl. 28.5m @ 220g/t Ag from 87.0m to 115.5m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525003, 102m @ 82g/t Ag from 47.3m to 149.3m,

    incl. 13.36m @ 475g/t Ag from 100.5m to 113.86m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS645002, 173.34m @ 48g/t Ag from 23.21m to 196.55m,

    incl. 54.49m @ 111g/t Ag from 23.21m to 77.7m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6608, 188.79m @ 43g/t Ag from 58.7m to 247.49m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6201, 69.67m @ 116g/t Ag from 119.93m to 189.6m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6403, 191.35m @ 42g/t Ag from 82.15m to 273.5m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525005, 102.65m @ 66g/t Ag from 28.35m to 131.0m,

    incl. 5.2m @ 342g/t Ag from 93.92m to 99.12m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS4603, 159.71m @ 41 g/t Ag from 41.59m to 201.3m,

    incl. 6.23m @ 223g/t Ag from 97.77m to 104.0m, and

    incl. 2.0m @ 522g/t Ag from 174.62m to 176.62m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS4804, 23.1m @ 138g/t Ag from 123.9m to 147.0m,

    incl. 1.06m @ 1,070g/t Ag from 145.94m to 147.0m, and

    20.0m @ 164g/t Ag, 3.62% Pb from 249.5m to 269.5m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525004, 79.16m @ 78g/t Ag from 45.92m to 125.08m,

    incl. 22.32m @ 118g/t Ag from 73.54m to 95.86m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS5601, 62.87m @ 96g/t Ag from 85.43m to153.0m,

    ·         Drill hole DSS545001, 62.6m @ 95g/t Ag from 63.83m to 126.43m,

    incl. 14.71m @ 212g/t Ag from 97.16m to 111.87m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS4802,  21.09m @ 269g/t Ag from 92.45m to 113.54m,

    incl. 2.33m @ 1,099g/t Ag from 92.45m to 94.78m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6607, 122.72m @ 46g/t Ag from 28.4m to 151.12m, and

    incl. 1.0m @ 2,530g/t Ag, 1.19% Pb, 1.05% Zn from 204.52m to 205.52m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS4604, 5.06m @ 1,104g/t Ag from 107.07m to 112.13m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS5003, 65.99m @ 83g/t Ag from 62.46m to 128.45m,

    incl. 19.81m @ 175g/t Ag from 108.64m to 128.45m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6202, 64.26m @ 84g/t Ag from 306.14m to 370.4m,

    incl. 17.43m @ 183g/t Ag from 323.57m to 341.0m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS665003, 81.68m @ 65g/t Ag from 71.6m to 153.28m,

    incl. 6.84m @ 229g/t Ag from 93.76m to 100.6m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6401, 84.79m @ 58g/t Ag from 12.32m to 97.11m,

    ·         Drill hole DSS5202, 59.6m @ 82g/t Ag from 4.2m to 63.8m,

    incl. 4.3m @ 311g/t Ag from 4.2m to 8.5m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525008, 63.1 m @ 75g/t Ag from 1.7m to 64.8m,

    incl. 6.7m @ 213g/t Ag from 49.7m to 56.4m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS7001, 60.32m @ 76g/t Ag from 70.03m to 130.35m,

    incl. 32.77m @ 113g/t Ag from 90.36m to 123.13m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6603, 15.93m @ 265g/t Ag from 7.17m to 23.1m (hole failed in mineralization);

    ·         Drill hole DSS6802, 69.06m @ 50g/t Ag from 86.17m to 156.3m,

    incl. 7.64m @ 164g/t Ag from 86.17m to 93.81m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525013, 25.13m @ 136g/t Ag from 39.57m to 64.7m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS525011, 54.3m @ 60g/t Ag from 144.0m to 198.3m,

    incl. 3.5m @ 433g/t Ag from 169.6m to 173.1m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6604, 56.79m @ 56g/t Ag from 0.0m to 56.79m,

    incl. 25.22m @ 113g/t Ag from 31.57m to 56.79m; and

    incl. 3.0m @ 779g/t Ag from 50.0m to 53.0m;

    ·         Drill hole DSS6801, 75.4m @ 42g/t Ag from 55.5m to 130.9m

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