VIDEO - Paul de Sousa: If Gold Falls in the Short Term, it’s a Chance to Buy

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Paul de Sousa of Sightline Wealth Management also shared his thoughts on hot topics such as GameStop and bitcoin.

2020 was without a doubt an interesting year for investors, with notable peaks and troughs. 

Paul de Sousa, senior vice president and investment advisor at Sightline Wealth Management, said that planning in advance played a key role in reducing negative impacts for his clients.

“The portfolios were set up in such a way that it minimized downside capture,” he told the Investing News Network. “That’s the essence of how we set up portfolios — we’re not so concerned about capturing all of the upside; what’s most important is not capturing all of the downside.”

Looking forward into 2021, de Sousa touched on a number of hot topics, including GameStop’s (NYSE:GME) meteoric rise, increased attention on bitcoin and of course where gold could be headed.

While he views GameStop as an example of speculating and not investing, de Sousa said he’s long been a fan of bitcoin and believes investors should have a small portion of their portfolio in the cryptocurrency.

“It’s not something to ignore,” he said. “But be careful of the volatility, don’t get shaken out of it. And put just a tiny fraction of your liquid net worth in it.”

In terms of gold, de Sousa said that while it could face some price weakness in the short term, for him that would simply be a buying opportunity. Overall, he views the yellow metal as a long-term play.

“Could it dip below US$1,700 (per ounce)? I think there’s a small probability of that,” he said.

“But again, this is such a long-term investment. I’ll repeat myself here — just do not concern yourself with the price on this. It’s tangible wealth, it has a long, long history of money. Acquire it, worry about everything else in (your) portfolio.”

Watch the interview above for more from de Sousa on what he sees coming in 2021.

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