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Fulp also discusses base metals, where the gold price is going in the short term and what other companies he’s interested in right now.

Gold is heading into a seasonal upswing, and Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp believes it’s an opportunity for investors to profit.
“What we’ve noticed is on a yearly basis you see about a 10-percent rise in gold [from November to the end of February],” he said at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference. “You can buy gold right now and likely sell it at the end of February based on [that seasonality] and make money.”
Fulp is also interested in gold stocks right now, and mentioned three new US-focused exploration companies that he’s looking at right now.
“One of them is a spin out from Columbus Gold (TSX:CGT) called Allegiant Gold. I’m a shareholder of that company and I’ll be a shareholder of the spin out,” he said. He’s also got his eye on Integra Resources (TSXV:ITR), a new company from the team that led Integra Gold to a takeover earlier this year. It began trading on the TSXV on Tuesday (November 7).
“I’m also an early stage shareholder of a new company called Revival Gold (TSXV:RVG).” That company recently bought the Idaho-based Beartrack mine from major miner Yamana Gold (TSX:YRI,NYSE:AUY).
Watch the interview above for more insight from Fulp on gold, base metals and other companies he’s interested in currently. The transcript for this interview is available below.

INN: Let’s start by talking about gold. The last time I checked, gold was up year-to-date, but was well below $1,300 still. Where do you see gold heading as we finish 2017 and head into 2018?
MF: There’s a seasonality of gold that goes from November into the end of February, [which is] basically a four-month period. And what we’ve noticed is on a yearly basis you see about a 10-percent rise in gold from that period time. It is especially strong starting after, say, close to the end of the year — you kind of have this curve that goes up. I’m pretty bullish on gold for that reason. Now, I have to say that the tracking of gold this year has really been correlated to the US dollar. So as the US dollar goes up, gold goes down, and I really don’t see that changing.
INN: If you’re an investor, what should you do right now to take advantage of that?
MF: You can buy gold right now and likely sell it at the end of February based on the seasonality we’ve [seen] over 20 years and make money. Now, I’m not a gold trader. I’m a gold hoarder, so I don’t [sell] — I buy gold on dips. I buy it, I don’t really sell it.
INN: Apart from gold, what other commodities are you interested in right now?
MF: Base metals have done very well this year. Copper, lead and zinc. Copper now has busted through … the last time we talked I don’t even know if it was up to $3, but we saw that coming. It went above $3, fell back and consolidated in the $2.90 range more or less, and now it’s gone on another run and it looks like it’s consolidating, hopefully in the $3.15 range. The next resistance in copper would probably come in at about $3.30.
INN: You mentioned lead, that’s one we don’t hear too much about. What do you like about lead?
MF: Lead hit a seven-year high a couple weeks ago — I think it was up to about to $18 … but once again it’s this incipient bull market for commodities. And there are supply concerns both in the zinc and lead markets, especially involving China, [and that has led] to record prices. Zinc was at a 10-year high last week … [and] it keeps doing that. If you look at all those metals in terms of their potential for increase, I would still say copper has been the laggard of those three base metals.
INN: With copper and zinc it’s not too hard to find [companies to invest in]. What about lead? What do you with that?
MF: If you’ve got a zinc mine, you’re going to get a lot of lead with it. So zinc, lead and silver all go together. Very few of those mines would be standalone for zinc. I don’t know any other than the lead deposits of Missouri, and those are non-public venue — that’s a private company… but those two metals go together. So you’re not going to find a pure lead play, you’re probably not going to find a pure zinc play and you’re certainly not going to find a pure silver play because those metals generally go together.
INN: Can you talk about any companies you’re looking at right now? Maybe some that are expecting milestones or catalysts?
MF: There’s two companies that I still cover, and I think I mentioned those the last time we talked. That would be Trilogy Metals (TSX:TMQ,NYSEMKT:TMQ) in Alaska — still very bullish on that, it’s done quite well lately trading … in the $1.15 range. They’ve got catalysts coming, they’ll have a feasibility study out by the end of the first quarter next year, they’ve got drill results coming. Hannan Metals (TSXV:HAN) is drilling zinc in Ireland as we speak. I cover both of those companies, I’m a shareholder.
Recently I moved into some new companies in the gold space in the US. I can mention a couple of them. One of them is a spin out from Columbus Gold called Allegiant Gold. I’m a shareholder of that company, I’ll be a shareholder of the spin out, and I imagine I’ll cover that company with their Nevada plays.
I’m also an early stage shareholder of a new company called Revival Gold, they bought the Beartrack mine in Idaho from Yamana Gold. Integra Resources, Integra 2.0 — this is in the process of an RTO right now. They bought the old DeLamar mine from Kinross Gold (TSX:K,NYSE:KGC), I’ll be involved in that deal too. Now, neither of those two are trading yet, but they will be. Allegiant should be trading I think sometime by late November, and I think for the new Integra … at the end of the year or the beginning of next year.
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